Tyler1 officially unbanned – YES ITS TRUE!

One of the most infamous League of Legends streamers, formally permanently banned from the game has finally announced he is now free from the shackle Riot placed on him almost 2 years ago.

Background on T1’s ban

Tyler1 was recognised as one of the most toxic players ever, having gotten 20+ accounts permanently suspended by Riot games due to toxicity (flaming, inting and personal threats). Due to this, Riot games officially banned the streamer from playing the game entirely, where any account created and found to be in his possession would be suspended on sight.

This forced T1 to quit streaming and making videos relating to League of Legends, that said, he had stated on multiple occasions he would continue to play the game privately (likely through the use of VPNs). During his ban, he had been caught on several occasions by fellow streamers and youtubers (where they published videos stating it was him while revealing his account name), leading to his accounts being banned.

draven league of legends - tyler1 is officially unbanned

While LoL was taken away, he remained on the popular streaming platform, twitch.tv, continuing his gaming stream / channel as a variety streamer. With his over the top and entertaining personality, he not only retained his large fan base, but attracted viewers from other channels / games.

Past unban rumours

Considering Tyler1 is a major figure and personality, reddit and streamers had constantly created rumours of his upcoming unban to attract viewers and attention. As expected, these have always been untrue since Riot nor Tyler1, ever confirmed them.

However, just a few days ago, an official Riot account posted a statement mentioning Tyler1 has been unbanned. This was spread throughout multiple YouTube and media channels before a fellow Rioter on reddit commented the account was hacked, and their policy was NOT to comment on the ban/unban status of players. The false post was soon after deleted and replaced with the ‘Error 404’, ‘This page is missing or has been moved’ alert.

tyler1 esports net officially unbanned

Tyler1 returns to streaming!

After a long break from streaming / making videos, with the exception of his privately funded LoL tournament, the Tyler1 Championship Series, T1 will return streaming as usual. Along with releasing the bomb shell of his unban, Tyler1 mention’s he’ll start his first stream in weeks the coming Monday, 3PM CT.

It’ll likely be an all League of Legends streaming session following his return, considering a large number of his audience play the game and have been waiting for his return for almost 2 years! In addition, we can expect a lot of duos for the coming weeks as streamers and youtubers flock T1 to ride his popularity. Of course, Greekgodx, Tyler1’s close friend has already tweeted requesting a duo on the day, not surprised.