Week 3, Day 1 – NA LCS Exclusive Predictions

It’s been an action packed two weeks, with many previously weaker teams fighting out to take the top spots. Week one and two have clearly shown 2018 is a new year that even many analysts never foresaw coming, the downfall of Team Solo Mid & the rise of Team Liquid and Echo Fox.

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Day 1

Game 1 – Counter Logic Gaming vs. Echo Fox

CLG are really having a slow start this year, currently 1-3 in the ladder. On the other hand, Echo Fox are undefeated and completely dominating the NALCS. Compared to 2017, the two teams have really switched spots, after losing Aphromoo, CLG are lost without a real in game leader. Echo Fox’s communication and synergy are top notch, FOX should easily take this out with CLG on tilt.

Prediction: CLG 30% l FOX 70%

Week 3, Day 1 - NA LCS Exclusive Predictions

Game 2 – Cloud 9 vs. Optic Gaming

Cloud 9 are on a roll this NA LCS split, so far only dropping one game to Echo Fox. Optic, are hovering at the bottom of the pack. Cloud 9 will likely take this game out simply with their superior roster and greater experience. Optic has a small chance to upset this game if they capitalise on C9’s weakness in transitioning to the mid / late game.

Prediction: C9 75% l OPT 25%

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Game 3 – Clutch Gaming vs. 100 Thieves

The battle between the two newbie teams in the NA LCS. By the leader board, 100 Thieves are one win ahead of Clutch Gaming, and rightfully so. While the Thieves should win, they could always randomly flop as they did against Cloud 9. That said, CG managed to lose against TL, a team the Thieves simply managed to out skill.

Prediction: CG 44% l 100 56%

100 Thieves are one win ahead of Clutch Gaming

Game 4 – Fly Quest vs. Team Liquid

While Fly Quest from a shallow point of view are ranging in the middle of the pack, they are unable to contend against Liquid, FQ managed to lose against Optic Gaming, giving them their first and only win, not a great sign. Liquid on the other hand have improved astronomically compared to last year and show no signs of slowing down.

Prediction: FQ 32% l TL 68%

Game 5 – Team SoloMid vs. Golden Guardians

To say TSM is underperforming is an understatement, but not so much compared to the Golden Guardians. Team SoloMid has managed to at least take out one win and are expected to only improve from here on out. The Golden Guardians however, even with their veteran roster filled with many big names are 0-4, surely showing a lack of synergy.

Prediction: TSM 65% l GGS 35%

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