Week 5 NA LCS Summer Split 2017: Top Possible Upset Victories

We all know those scenes. The scenes that end with the winning team jumping out of their seats, and the losing team with their heads hung in shame. These scenes are amplified when there is a great amount of disparity between the standings of each team, and only makes the taste of victory of defeat that much stronger. NA LCS Week 5 brings about the rematches of every team match, and a chance for revenge against their opponents. So, let’s go over the possible matches that afford the best possible chance of an upset, with a good bet on the underdog.

lcs summer 2017

Counter Logic Gaming vs Cloud 9

With CLG and C9 both looking a bit shaky, it’s a wonder how both of them are sitting at the top of the standings, or at least above half of the opposition. CLG currently sits in third, with C9 at 5th/4th. Although the disparity isn’t that large, the upset possibility is still there, affording you a fair chance at making a better buck by betting on C9, as odds would tend to lean towards CLG. Look at Contractz to push his tempo against Dardoch and pressure CLG’s individual lanes, making sure to try to strangle CLG at the early game.

Phoenix1 vs Team Envy

With Team Envy at 6th and P1 at 9th, the odds aren’t looking great for either side. But, the odds are still being given to Team Envy by most stats sites. With the addition of Xpecial to the roster of Phoenix1, expect them to be able to come back heavily for their match, and to prove that they are still able to be a mediocre team.


FlyQuest vs Team Dignitas

This is probably the largest stretch possibility for upset victories, but it would certainly be the most enjoyable to watch. With the recent pitfalls of Team Dignitas and FlyQuest looking to redeem themselves after landing at the bottom of the standings, it’s shaping up to be a decent fight. If Hai and LemonNation are able to pull it together, they have a chance at upsetting Team Dignitas, who have looked a bit shaky against the struggling Cloud 9 and dominant Team Solo Mid.

Longest Shot: Team Liquid vs Counter Logic Gaming

This is the match you want to bet on if you think fairies exist. I generally don’t place matches on these lists if I think there is a zero percent chance of a victory for the underdog, but I think Team Liquid have a window of opportunity. With how shaky CLG have looked in the past few weeks and how hungry Team Liquid seem for a victory, the elements of an upset victory are very real. Look towards CLG to make over-exaggerated plays and map rotations, affording windows of opportunity for TL to counterattack and punish the over-aggression. If TL is able to punish the weak proactive plays out of CLG, their window will become large by the minute of each match.