What happened during the LLA 2019?

This 2019 witnessed the first and second season of Latin America League of League of Legends, also known as “Liga Movistar Latinoamérica” for sponsorship reasons, featured by a fully unified group of amazing and talented esports professionals.

This LLA 2019 Closing Season that anticipates the final Playoffs beginning this Saturday saw the victory of Isurus Gaming.

Isurus Gaming winner of the LLA 2019

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The experience

Participants from all the countries of South America came by in an event organized by Riot Games but sponsored by the important telephone company Movistar, yet the countries most represented by the contending gamer´s, according to the origin of the teams were:

  • Mexico: represented by the teams Pixel Esports, Rainbow7, and XTEN Esports.
  • Argentina: with Furious Gaming and Isurus Gaming (champions of the opening season).
  • Chile: through the Allo Knights and the mixed team Kaos Latin Gamers.

Besides, the Esports Infinito team was also part of the tournament.

The format of the LLA tournament consists of a triple Round Robin model, where they faced each of the teams on multiple occasions, accumulating a score based on the following parameters: Percentage of games won, Head-to-head record and Alphabetical order.

And the results wasted no time in being shown! After each team accumulated a total of 21 matches Isurus Gaming took things where they left off, being the highest ranked, followed by All Knights in the second place, and moving down to Furious Gaming, Esports Infinito, Rainbow7 and Xten Esports.

LLA 2019 Playoffs

Now that the regular round matches have finished, the playoff series will follow the same format as during the opening tournament and here are the matches that we are expecting:

  1. Third place (Furious Gaming) vs. sixth place (Xten Esports).
  2. Fourth place (Infinity Esports) vs. fifth place (Rainbow7).

After which, the first winner will face the first classified (Isurus Gaming) in semifinals and the second winner will face the second classified (All Knights) in semifinals.

Moving forward, a break of only 6 days will mark the resuming of LLA activities so the quarter-finals will take place on 10 and 11 August and the semifinals will be held on 17 and 18 August.

Finally, Saturday 31 August will witness the so expected grand finale. Will Isurus Gaming stay on top? Are you ready for it?

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