Who is Viktor, the Machine Herald, from Arcane?

Is Viktor from Arcane the same one from League of Legends? Here is everything we know about him from the animated series.

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Viktor from Arcane – Everything we know about him

Viktor was born and raised in the slums of Zaun, the lower portion of Piltover coated in the toxic smog known as the “Zaun Grey”. First seen in his late teens or early 20s, Arcane’s timeline is set as the origin story for the characters that can be found in League of Legends. This means Viktor is likely a decade (or more) older than when he appears on Arcane.

In the game, Viktor is already a hard believer of the Hextech technology, as his body is basically in full augment form. In Arcane, however, he just seems to have started exploring his journey with the Hextech augments.

Viktor in Arcane

Viktor was first introduced when Jayce was investigating the break-in done by Powder, Violet, and their gang. Being an assistant and researcher from Piltover, he slowly started getting more into the Hextech research Jayce was working on, which ultimately helped him make a breakthrough. His love for it become so big that it pushed him to break the rules. Driven by the ambition of finding the secrets behind Hextech, Viktor ended up damaging his health and collapsing at work but was unable to learn more about the interaction between biological matter and technology.

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Having defied the Dean of the Piltover Academy, Heimerdinger, earlier on, and threatened by him to destroy the Hextech Core, Viktor ends up turning to Singed, the mad scientist rejected by Piltover.

What is going to happen to Viktor in Arcane season 2?

The sequel of the animated series will likely see him getting closer to the Hextech Core and having to actually rely on the technology to extend his lifespan. Whether we will get to see Viktor reaching his League former, however, is yet to be confirmed.

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Viktor in League of Legends

First released in December 2011, Viktor has been a constant presence in the game. Usually played as a mid lane mage, he has been a popular champion in both normal and professional play.

In the game, Vitkor is wielding the Hex Core, the crystal that empowers his abilities. While it used to be an item that would upgrade upon hitting certain milestones, the Hex Core is now part of his passive ability.

According to Viktor’s lore,  he “defeated Jayce and stole a powerful arcane crystal to power his creations. Jayce later created the Mercury Hammer and counter-assaulted Viktor’s lab.” We might be able to see such a scenario later in the series, as Viktor and Jayce are set to go from being allies to each other’s greatest enemies. Having said that, it’s not certain that we will be able to see it happening in the upcoming Arcane season 2.

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