Worlds Pick’em 2019 Prediction: follow LoL Worlds and get rewarded!

The Worlds Pick’em 2019 will go live on the 9th of October. The event intends to engage more players with the League of Legends World Championship event, rewarding those who closely follow the esports scene and are able to correctly predict the team standings.

The event will run across both the group and knock out stage (quarter-finals, semi-finals & finals). The group stage will involve predicting the final standings of teams in each group (A, B, C & D). The knock out stage is even harder, requiring players predict the advancing / winning teams in the various matches. This makes a perfect LoL Worlds Pick’em 2019 prediction near impossible, given any upset will drastically reduce the chances of someone winning, with the 2018 LoL Worlds Pick’em event not garnering even a single winner.

LoL Worlds Pick'em 2019

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Worlds Pick’em 2019 Prizes

Complete the bracket predictions for both the group and knockout stage – 500 Blue Essence.

Score a minimum of 34 points – Pick’em Poro summoner icon.

Perfect prediction – Every ultimate skin in the game (Elementalist Lux, DJ Sona, Gun Goddess Miss Fortune, Pulsefire Ezreal & Spirit Guard Udyr.

Prediction (Groups)

Due on October 11th, at 11:00 PM PT

Group A

1. G2 Esports
2. Griffin
3.Cloud 9

Group B

1. FunPlus Phoenix
2. GAM Esports
3. J Team

Group C

1. SK Telecom T1
2. Royal Never Give Up
3. Fnatic

Group D

1. Team Liquid (Favourites)
2. Invictus Gaming
3. Ahq e-Sports Club

At this stage, these are the current standing of the teams in the group stage. The conclusion of the play-in stage will bring one more team to each group, which will slightly change the dynamics of each group. This is especially so for Group B, which has two weaker teams. Extremely strong teams like Korea’s DAMWON advancing to groups, a team more capable than around half of the directly seeded main event teams, will without a doubt shift standings.

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