The Magical Cat, Yuumi: new LoL champion rundown

One of the more interesting champions Riot have added, a new never seen before mechanic on her Q, while also changing up the traditional support style. Yuumi is the first champion release following Riot’s intention to create more new champions instead of 2018 which primarily saw a large number of reworks.


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Passive – Bop n Block

Yuumi’s next attack against an enemy will grant her mana and a shield that blocks damage. When Yuumi is attached to a teammate, this passive shield will block damage for her ally. Note, the shield duration will stay active until the shield is fully broken.

Q – Prowling Projectile

A very unique mechanic added to the game. A projectile is fired, which can be controlled by moving the cursor while active. The missile will explode on the first enemy target hit, dealing magic damage. If the missile is in flight for a set duration, it will deal bonus damage and slow the target.

W – You and Me!

Activating W over a teammate will allow Yuumi to attach to the champion, being untargetable from all sources aside from tower shots. While attached, Yuumi’s movement is fully controlled by the allied champion (like when Tahm Kench eats you). She is free to cast abilities while attached but cannot auto attack. Detaching is only available after a set time but is free to attach to another teammate with no cooldown.

Note, when Yuumi is attached, both parties will gain additional adaptive force based on each other’s AD and AP.

E – Zoomies

Yuumi heals herself and gains a short burst of movement speed. When W is active, Yuumi will grant this buff towards the attached ally.

R – Final Chapter

Launches multiple waves which deal magic damage to all enemies hit. Yuumi can move while the ultimate is active, but is unable to change the direction of the ult. If enemies are hit with multiple waves, they are rooted on the ground. Note, Yuumi is able to use all of her abilities while ultimate is active.