LoL Season 13 Zed guide – Best Build and Runes

Learn how to play Zed in League of Legends season 13 and become the real master of shadows with the best build and runes.

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Best Zed build and runes for season 13

Zed is one of the champions that fully embodies what assassins are within League. He’s a mobile champion that can infiltrate behind the enemy lines and kill his targets, while also giving him a quick way out thanks to his shadows.

Having said that, playing Zed is not as easy as you might think, as he is one of the most demanding champions when it comes to mechanics. To help you out, we’ve compiled the best build and rune combination for Zed in the new League season 13.


Riot Games made important tweaks to some of the fighter items, indirectly impacting Zed’s build path in the process. His previous Mythic item Eclipse no longer grants Omnivamp, greatly nerfing the champion’s ability to heal up during duels and skirmishes.

With that in mind, the new Mythic item for Zed is Prowler’s Claw, thanks to the additional lethality and one-shot potential. To compensate for the loss of the Omnivamp from Eclipse, Zed now builds Ravenous Hydra: it’s usually rushed even before Prowler’s Claw.

After that, the following item options are all revolved around armor penetration. Choose between Serylda’s Grudge or Black Cleaver depending on whether you need more survivability or damage. To round off the build, choose a defensive item like Edge of Night or Guardian’s Angel.

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Zed has two main rune setups: one with Electrocute and one with First Strike. The first one grants better burst damage and aggressive trades early on, while First Strike accelerates Zed’s build in the mid-game. If you can consistently proc First Strike against the enemies, this keystone rune is going to be better. By going Inspiration, the other minor runes are:

  • Magical Footwear;
  • Future’s Market;
  • Cosmic Insight.

The secondary tree is always Sorcery and you opt for:

  • Transcendence for more ability haste;
  • Scorch since it synergizes with First Strike.

Image Credits | Riot Games

On the other hand, with Electrocute and the domination tree, the runes are:

  • Sudden Impact for the armor penetration;
  • Eyeball collection for additional stats upon takedowns;
  • Treasure Hunter to get more gold and get faster item spikes.
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