Los Grandes and Team oNe complete merger, now valued at ~$19M

Los Grandes and Team oNe, two Brazilian esports teams, have joined forces. The latter was by the former and new valuation puts them at about $19M. The decision was made after the two consulted Outfield, an entertainment, sports and esports consultancy group led by Pedro Oliviera.

Team One Los One

Alexandre ‘Kakavel’ Peres, CEO of Team oNe, had this to say about the acquisition and Outfield’s role in making this happen: “Outfield — as a Team oNe investor and consultant to Los Grandes — saw the business synergy between the two companies and acted as a facilitator for the evolution of this partnership.”

Rodrigo Terron, one of the owners of Los Grandes also made a statement regarding the acquisition and Outfield’s role in the same:

“Outfield remains a shareholder and consultant of the new company. This new company will encompass all the operations of Team oNe and Los Grandes, where Los Grandes will be the majority associate. In addition, they will continue to support us on strategic issues, being able to participate in future funding and acting as investors, with the aim of increasing their participation.”

Team oNe Improving & more M&A on the horizon

Team oNe has been on the rise after qualifying for the CS:GO RMR tournament for the North American region. Sadly, they ultimately fell in the deciders to Infinity and Imperial and didn’t qualify.

With the combined strength of the two groups, the organization will now be contesting in Free Fire, Rainbow Six Siege, Wild Rift, CS:GO, Valorant and League of Legends. This is a quite the statement from the Brazilian organization.

Los Grandes don’t plan to stop here either. The Brazilian side aims to acquire two more teams before 2022 with Team oNe being the third in recent times. Los Grandes had already acquired a gaming tech company, GEMU, and Simplicity Esports’ operations in Brazil. The aim is to have a global presence like some of the biggest esports teams in the industry in a few years. The aim for this season is to get revenues of $8.65m (£7,81m) before the year ends.

Los Grandes are valued at $18.7 following the acquisition of Team oNe and this figure is going to go upwards if they go through with their plans. To make sure that their brands remain strong, the organization is currently selling collaboration jerseys. The team has been getting a lot of traction online and wants to sit on the same table as LOUD and FURIA Esports. That day doesn’t look too far off.