Loud and OpTic fight to survive poor VCT Copenhagen openers

If there is one team hungry for revenge during VCT Masters Copenhagen, it is LOUD. They have a chance to one up OpTic Gaming in an elimination series later today. It was OpTic who took the world by storm during VCT MASTERS Reykjavik and they beat LOUD in the Grand Final. Before that game, Loud didn’t lose a single game in the event.

This time around, LOUD lost their opening series to KRU Esports, maybe a sign for a different bracket run this time around. Optic was looking to re-discover their magic in Copenhagen
, but quickly realized EU came to play after Guild Esports manhandled them in the opener.

As a result, one of the two Reykjavik finalists will end their run today.

LOUD Copenhagen Masters VCT

LOUD’s roster was unstoppable until yesterday

LOUD had an insane record with their Valorant squad. Currently ranked 1st in Brazil, with a win-loss record of 24-1. The only game they lost was against Optic in the Grand Final at the previous Masters.

Their playstyle is as simple as it gets. Site control and standard play is executed with ease, sprinkled over with some unorthodox methods in keeping their rounds solid. Due to this, it might seem that most of their players have quite the sync with each other’s utility. This and the amount of practice they have leads to most not knowing what to do. Their main strength is how adaptive and on-the-fly they are during a single match.

As such, they can improvise with ease. One example is them planting deep in the binding map after taking as much control over the bomb site. But with this, they leave Heaven clear while not allowing any control of U-halls. Each team player is very good at aiming so in situations where they are 2v2 in a tough situation to clutch a round.

Yet, none of it mattered versus KRU Esports yesterday, as they were bested on Icebox and Haven two of their best maps. Meanwhile, OpTic lost to EU upstarts Guild Esports in two straight maps, to set up a banger elimination series.

Expectations for LOUD vs OpTic elimination match

Although Loud won first in the VCT Brazil Qualifiers, they needed to go through Group Stage, and it may be their undoing. Group A consists of KRU Esports, Guild Esports and Optic Gaming. After losing their opener, they will have to beat OpTic, and continue on by eliminating either Guild or KRU, just to make it out of Groups.

Saadhak will have to rethink on how to initiate rounds versus OpTic, especially after all the lessons learned from their Guild Esports duel. Most likely, this match comes down to a frag-power match between Aspas and Crashies, yay on who can claim a round early on. At an an amazing ACS of 272.9, openers do seem to favor LOUD, but they are running into a well rounded OpTic comp.

If we have to predict a winner, i’d say OpTic wins by a very small margin.

On the other hand, Copenhagen could very well be the moment when Loud show the world how immense the Brazil region is. If this is the storyline which is meant to be, it’s LOUD beating their Reykjavik nemesis to make Playoffs, and ultimate win the event. The expectation from Team Loud was to win the whole tournament as they had come very close last time around.