Key LPL Roster Changes ahead of Summer 2022

After being crowned Champions at MSI 2022, the LPL braces for an intense Summer Split. Even more action is expected than what we saw in Spring. It was a relatively quiet mid-season in the LPL as well, with the exception of a single super crucial swap among two top teams.

Let’s dig through the LPL rosters and see how things shape up.

LPL Summer 2022 Roster

LPL Summer 2022  Mid-Season Roster Moves

Aside from a few, most teams from the LPL didn’t make huge changes to their starting lineup. Many new talents and rookies have been added as substitutes or secondary players on the roster, as the Chinese competition is extremely fierce is on order to break into the scene.

Disclaimer: Not all teams in the LPL have confirmed their rosters, and they will not be until the first match of each team. Official announcements are taken into account, so you can consider those certain. New entries will be highlighted in bold.

Anyone’s Legend

  • Top: Zdz
  • Jungle: Xiaohao
  • Mid: Forge/Harder
  • ADC: Betty
  • Support: QiuQiu

Harder is the only entry for the team, as he was promoted to the main team, after playing in Academy during Spring.

BiliBili Gaming

  • Top: Bin
  • Jungle: Weiwei
  • Mid: FoFo/xiaodai
  • ADC: Doggo
  • Support: Crisp

Despite winning MSI, Bin was swapped with Breathe for the upcoming Summer Split. It was a very unexpected announcement, but the two teams had an agreement.

Back in winter, BLG already wanted Bin but Weibo Gaming wasn’t willing to sell him. On the other hand, RNG wanted Breathe but Team WE didn’t want to sell him either. In a turn of events, RNG and BLG decided to buy the other player and exchange them after spring, which led to the current situation. Considering Bin’s performance at MSI, this will be a great pick up for BLG: we’ll see if they can utilize him properly.

EDward Gaming

  • Top: Flandre
  • Jungle: Jiejie/Junjia
  • Mid: Scout
  • ADC: Viper
  • Support: Meiko

Junjia returns to EDG after his Spring Split on Rare Atom. Not sure what this means for him, as he shouldn’t have much game time considering Jiejie’s position. With that being said, he should be the perfect 6th man for the team if they go to Worlds: keep an eye on him.

Invictus Gaming

  • Top: Zika
  • Jungle: XUN
  • Mid: Yuekai
  • ADC: Wink
  • Support: Lucas

IG had already created a 10-man roster for the spring split, and it looks like they are not changing any of them for the upcoming split.

JD Gaming

  • Top: 369
  • Jungle: Kanavi
  • Mid: Yagao
  • ADC: Hope
  • Support: Missing

No major changes for JDG as well, aside from the ADC Lpc being demoted back to the academy. roster.

LGD Gaming

  • Top: fearness/Chelizi
  • Jungle: shad0w
  • Mid: YeG/haichao
  • ADC: Eric/Assum
  • Support: Jinjiao

LGD is looking to bounce back from yet another disappointing split, bringing in haichao from the academy team and Assum from Weibo’s academy. Alongside them, Chelizi (previously on TT Gaming) will try to fight for a starting spot with fearness.

LNG Esports

  • Top: Ale
  • Jungle: Tarzan
  • Mid: Doinb
  • ADC: Light
  • Support: LvMao

No changes for LNG Esports, as they’re looking to build even more synergy in preparation for summer.

FunPlus Phoenix

  • Top: Xiaolaohu
  • Jungle: Clid
  • Mid: Care
  • ADC: Lwx
  • Support: Hang/Lele

Gori left FPX and headed towards PSG Talon, after a not very exciting performance in spring. The youngster Care will likely take his place, with Lele also being promoted back to the main roster.

Oh My God

  • Top: shanji
  • Jungle: Aki
  • Mid: Creme/0909
  • ADC: Able
  • Support: COLD/Jerry

OMG picked up 0909 from EDG’s academy team and Jerry from V5’s academy. Both of them had strong results in spring and I’m excited to see if they can prove their worth in the LPL.

Rare Atom

  • Top: Cube
  • Jungle: Leyan/Fy
  • Mid: Strive
  • ADC: iBoy
  • Support: yuyanjia

Junjia went back to EDG, since Leyan remained the starting jungler for the team. This means that no changes to the roster will be made.


  • Top: Breathe
  • Jungle: wei
  • Mid: Xiaohu
  • Support: Ming

Unfortunately for RNG, they ended up getting the short end of the stick. Breathe’s performance will tell us if the two teams made the right choice, but for now, RNG will get a big hit at least for the first part of the split.

Team WE

  • Top: Biubiu
  • Jungle: beishang
  • Mid: Shanks/xiye
  • ADC: Smlz/Xing
  • Support: Kedaya/heal

Team WE picked up Smlz from Ultra Prime and heal from RNG’s academy. Smlz should be ready to be the starting ADC as he was always behind Elk in the hierarchies. It will be interesting to see whether heal will get some play time immediately or if Kedaya will still be favored to start. Nonetheless, I don’t see team WE recovering much from their 15th place in spring.

Top Esports

  • Top: Wayward/Qingtian
  • Jungle: Tian/xiaopeng
  • Mid: knight
  • ADC: JackeyLove
  • Support: Mark/Zhuo

Zoom left the team and joined Ultra Prime, but it’s the only change TES made. Considering Wayward was the starting for the majority of the time, it shouldn’t make much difference for the team.

TT Gaming

  • Top: Hoya/Xiaoxiang
  • Jungle: Beichuan/Xiao17
  • Mid: Ucal
  • ADC: Puff/Kepler
  • Support: Southwind/yaoyao

TT Gaming is the team that made the biggest changes to their roster, removing the top laners and junglers from spring. Korean player Hoya will be coming in after his stint on DWG Kia, together with EDG’s xiaoxiang. It will be a close battle between the two, with the Korean player favored to start.

Beichuan is also joining, as he was likely not happy in playing academy again. He will be the starting jungler of the team, with Xiao17 as the substitute. Kepler played on V5’s academy and he will be the secondary ADC, behind Puff.

Ultra Prime

  • Top: Zoom/zs
  • Jungle: H4cker
  • Mid: Cryin
  • ADC: Elk/kelin
  • Support: shiauC

As we previously mentioned, Zoom joined UP after leaving TES. It won’t be a super upgrade on paper, but this might help UP fight their way into playoffs contention.

Victory Five

  • Top: Rich
  • Jungle: Karsa/XLB
  • Mid: Rookie/Dream
  • ADC: Photic
  • Support: ppgod

Dream joins from V5’s academy team and will likely have the chance to learn from Rookie and improve. Aside from that, V5’s main roster will remain unchanged.

Weibo Gaming

  • Top: TheShy/Decade
  • Jungle: SofM
  • Mid: Angel
  • ADC: huanfeng
  • Support: SwordArt/ON

Similarly to V5, Weibo made the decision of promoting Decade to the main roster. With TheShy as the starting top laner, however, I don’t see him having much play time.