LVL Berlin and Hertha BSC get into FIFA 21

German gaming brand LVL partnered up with Hertha BSC football club to grow the FIFA 21 scene in Berlin. The new tournament series will be called La LVL Liga.

Starting on October 10th, a lengthy tournament event will commence and go on until the end of the 2020/21 Bundesliga in May next year. A total of 16 players will be able to qualify for the playoffs, in which a prize pool of €2000 will be made available.

While that isn’t exactly a large sum, it’s still a fun prize for hobby players to pursue in the weekly community tournament. More than that, the LVL and Hertha BSC combo is also dangling something more valuable in front of players faces – a chance to get discovered and signed to a team as an esports player.

In official marketing materials from LVL, they showed the slogan ‘Get Discovered. Get signed. Be the next esports star.’ Hertha BSC already has an esports division, and this will be a chance to draw more talent into their team via the competition.

La LVL Liga

© FIFA 21 / LVL / Hertha BSC

The La LVL Liga series

LVL Global is focused on re-developing and re-envisioning how LAN Centers and gaming venues are operating. The Berlin location is just testing grounds and a showcase of how this multi-functional space can evolve.

Surprisingly, the event series will take place in person, rather than online. Logistical problems are to be expected, and that is if government regulations allow it to happen at all.

The head of Digital Media at Hertha BSC, Maurice Sonneveld, said:

“As a sports club in Berlin, we are focusing on developing esports talent from here in the capital. With our training program we have already made it possible for a few young, local gamers to make their way as professional esports players and to play for us in the virtual Bundesliga. Now we are excited about the next generation, and we are looking forward to finding and working with talent at the innovative esports venue LVL.”

The tournament will in fact be Berlin-centric, and mainly target local talent in the German capital. The game played will, of course, be FIFA 21 – the most recent iteration of the FIFA series. Players will compete in the LVL gaming centre in Berlin, that opened back in March in partnership with G2 esports. Every Saturday, open entry competitions will take place, where players can try to qualify.

Both Hertha BSC and LVL merch will be up for grabs. Those that perform well will be scoring points across the season even if they don’t win. The overall highest point totals will determine who gets to the playoffs. The 16 players that qualify throughout the season will be personally invited to a boot camp, where they’ll be able to meet and play with current members of the Hertha BSC esports academy.

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