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Motorsport games have seen a big increase in interest during recent times. As a matter of fact, with many ‘real’ sports leagues out for the count, organizers and fans turned to esports events instead. This drew a number of new fans to various esports events – among them racing games like the eNASCAR Heat ProMore
The Ultimate Gaming League (UGL) has announced an all newMore
When it comes to esports, the biggest names have neverMore
April 8, 2020
Sports Games

iRacing – the next big thing?

Given the current situation, a lot of events, esports and otherwise, are severely hampered. Amidst tons of cancellations and postponed events, it seems like nothing is happening anymore – butMore
April 7, 2020
Sports Games

NBA 2K20 Players Tournament – Everything you need to know

In “normal” times the beginning of April would signal the NBA season coming to a close. Some end-of-season matches would be played across millions of TVs throughout the US andMore
April 4, 2020
Esports News

DraftKings launches DFS on eNASCAR contests

With more and more sports moving partially or completely to esports at the moment, it’s no wonder that NASCAR is doing the same. Already, some sports have taken to launchingMore
April 2, 2020
Sports Games

F1 Virtual Grand Prix is back for another round

In lieu of real sports events in the current crisis, several sports have switched to a different format – esports. Virtual competitions are just about the only event that canMore
March 30, 2020
Sports Games

All racing games are going virtual

In the middle of the corona-crisis, fewer and fewer public activities are still allowed – amidst the cancelled events were also a whole series of esports events. Despite their virtualMore
March 26, 2020
Rocket League

USL looks to Rocket League to maintain engagement

In the middle of a coronavirus-enforced tournament break, the USL has decided to run a tournament in Rocket League. The USL or United Soccer League oversees the US club soccerMore
March 25, 2020
Sports Games

F1 Bahrain Virtual Grand Prix concludes – is the future of (e)sports remote?

It’s no secret that, alongside the real-world Formula 1, an esports series featuring the same teams take place. While F1 esports doesn’t draw nearly as many fans as other typesMore
January 15, 2020
Sports Games

NHL 20 esports tournaments will be hosted by NHL teams

Sports games don’t get as much attention in the esports world as other genres do – between MOBAs and shooters, they often don’t make front-page news, despite having huge fanbasesMore
December 18, 2019
Sports Games

Golf as an esport – the first tournament series is here

Golf is something of a niche sport – while it has its fans, it’s by no means as popular or well-known as football, baseball or even cricket. It’s somewhat similarMore
November 26, 2019
Sports Games

Blockchain-based F1 Delta Time ready to auction Formula 1 game collectibles

A Formula 1 licensed blockchain-based game, F1 Delta Time, has announced it will be running an auction for ten Formula 1 branded digital collectibles and in-game assets. These collectibles areMore
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