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With more and more sports moving partially or completely to esports at the moment, it’s no wonder that NASCAR is doing the same. Already, some sports have taken to launching virtual leagues to replace cancelled or postponed events – among them, the MotoGP and F1 league. Now NASCAR is next – and DraftKings is participatingMore
In lieu of real sports events in the current crisis,More
Sports Games

All racing games are going virtual

In the middle of the corona-crisis, fewer and fewer publicMore
Rocket League

USL looks to Rocket League to maintain engagement

In the middle of a coronavirus-enforced tournament break, the USL has decided to run a tournament in Rocket League. The USL or United Soccer League oversees the US club soccerMore
Sports Games

F1 Bahrain Virtual Grand Prix concludes – is the future of (e)sports remote?

It’s no secret that, alongside the real-world Formula 1, an esports series featuring the same teams take place. While F1 esports doesn’t draw nearly as many fans as other typesMore
Sports Games

NHL 20 esports tournaments will be hosted by NHL teams

Sports games don’t get as much attention in the esports world as other genres do – between MOBAs and shooters, they often don’t make front-page news, despite having huge fanbasesMore
Sports Games

Golf as an esport – the first tournament series is here

Golf is something of a niche sport – while it has its fans, it’s by no means as popular or well-known as football, baseball or even cricket. It’s somewhat similarMore
Sports Games

Blockchain-based F1 Delta Time ready to auction Formula 1 game collectibles

A Formula 1 licensed blockchain-based game, F1 Delta Time, has announced it will be running an auction for ten Formula 1 branded digital collectibles and in-game assets. These collectibles areMore
Sports Games

3,2,1…the New Balance F1 Esports Pro Series 2019 is kicking off!

Perhaps the most well-known and popular esports event series in racing, the new New Balance Pro Series 2019 has been much awaited – plenty of talented gamers fought their wayMore
Sports Games

An esports team of young monks got up at the Khon Kaen University’s Nong Khai competition

In a “Speed Drifters” esports competition held at the Khon Kaen University’s Nong Khai campus over from 15th to 18th August something “unusual” happened! A small group of monk apprenticesMore
Esports Industry

Ford launches Frodzilla, their own Motor Racing Team of Esports

In a new leap into the virtual world, on August 19, 2019, Ford Motors announced its incursion into the world of esports by putting its own team behind the digitalMore
Sports Games

Kicking for cash – the FIFA eWorld Cup is almost here!

The FIFA eWorld cup 2019 finals are upon us! The stage is set for an intense competition between the 32 top ranked players from the global series. These talented gamersMore
Sports Games

Formula 1’s New Balance Esports Series is ready to advance – Pro Draft complete!

Perhaps the biggest name in racing (games) in the world is, of course, Formula 1. The top competition worldwide, with hundreds of thousands of fans itself carried much of itsMore
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