MAD Lions draws the LEC Schedule short straw for Week 9

Week 9 of the LEC kicks off today with a second attempt at the online format. Teams are already locked for Playoffs, but there is some leeway in the standings for teams to move around. Week 8 had its issues and technical difficulties, but went great overall. Especially when any games is better then no games at all.

At this point, none of the six playoffs teams are locked into their position. Even G2 can potentially end up in 4th by the end of the weekend. With all potential combinations in mind, lets break down the final W9 LEC Schedule.

LEC Week 9 Schedule

Strength of Schedule

Based on the standings, G2 has the easiest schedule out of all teams. However, both teams they are matching up against have won against G2 this split. Its hard to imagine a scenario where G2 is not at the top of the standings, but there is a theoretical chance they once again fail the draft phase and end up below 1st.

Both FNC and Origen are meeting MAD Lions this weekend. If the Lions are serious about ending the split on a high note, they have to win both duels. In such scenario they might theoretically contest for 2nd in the standings, or even 1st, if everyone else has the most miserable week of their split.

Both Fnatic and Origen are meeting severe under-performers in their other duels. Being 2nd in the standings would most likely mean meeting the 3rd place team in Playoffs. So if nothing changes from the current standings, we will witness a repeat of the 2019 Spring Semifinals.

At the bottom of the standings we got Misfits and Rogue. Both squads are battling to evade a first round Playoffs knockout at the very least. If either manages to get a 2-0 week they can end up in 4th and skip the first round elimination. Misfits has a way tougher schedule, as they have to battle G2 on Saturday.

There is little in Rogue’s way of getting a perfect Week 9, as they face SK-Gaming and Schalke04. Next to G2, they have the 2nd best strength of schedule this weekend.

Finally, ExceL and Vitality are pretty much cannon fodder this week. Both are looked at as easy points by their opponents. However, a single win by either of this two teams can ruin the Playoffs seeding for Origen, Misfits and Fnatic.

Noteworthy Individuals

We all know that the stars can carry a game, but the change in format has brought out completely new stars into the limelight. Just rolling in statistics and combinatorics wont show us the full picture for Week 9. Online play is all about the individuals and their carry potential.

Iván “Razork” Martín Díaz

Razork “gave” Misfits a seven game win streak and made the team a Playoffs contender once again after the horrendous 2019. Although MSF struggled last week, have no doubts that this talented jungler can be the player to give Misfits a 2-0 week and a second win against G2.

Matyáš “Carzzy” Orság

We already noted how important Week 9 is for MAD Lions. If they are to dominate their hardest week of the split, Carzzy has to beat both Rekkles and Upset in back-to-back games. It is the ultimate test for the LEC rookie on his path to recognition as a top-tier ADC in the LEC. Let’s hope he delivers.

Finn “Finn” Wiestål

Finn is already established as a dominating force in the Top lane. But for European Top laner standards hes just another middle of the pack player. If RGE wants to contest heavily into Playoffs, Finn has to deliver. Given his recent solo queue history, he might opt out to show us some Kled or Poppy mechanics and bring Rogue the coveted 4th place.

The LEC action kicks of today at 18:00 CET @

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