Marvel’s Mobile MOBA is making waves in Oceania

It looks like Marvel Comics are making inroads into the Esports market. This week ESL Australia, an Esports company, teamed up with NetEase, a Chinese tech company, to produce the Marvel Super War Esports partnership.

Marvel Super War is a free-to-play mobile MOBA game developed by NetEase Games. It is Marvel’s first MOBA game and has only just been released in Oceania. To celebrate the release, the partnership with ESL Australia will organise two large online tournaments.

ESL Marvel MOBA superwar esports

Ben Green, the Publisher Development Lead at ESL had this to say about their recent partnership:

“[we want] to fill in the gaps in the mobile esports ecosystem that may have previously been missing, giving players across all platforms the opportunity to get their start in mobile esports.”

Mobile Esports is a growing market in the West but in China and Southeast Asia they have been steadily performing well beside their PC and console counterparts. It is only with the popularity of games like Clash Royale and PUBG mobile, that has brought the popularity of Mobile Esports to the rest of the world.

The Esports community is becoming more inclusive of all players and by operating mobile-only tournaments, companies like Marvel Comics and ESL Australia are doing their part in facilitating the growth of the community across the globe.

This is not the first time that Marvel Comics have entered the Esports arena in Oceania, in February of this year they entered into a partnership with Chiefs Esports Club. The Chiefs are an Australia and New Zealand based organisation. The Chiefs players wore co-branded apparel and sold co-branded merchandise. The success of that venture must have shown Marvel Comics that there was room to expand their operations in that area.

With the entry of Marvel Comics and ESL Australia into the mobile Esports market, we may see a surge in popularity and much needed growth in Oceania.

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