Fortnite Season 4 Update – Patch Notes and Changes

Fortnite’s latest Season has kicked off in-game. Fortnite Season 4 brings a superhero theme to the game, with special weapons, locations, and skins taken from popular Marvel Superheroes. Season 3 actually ended on time, which has become a bit of a rarity for Fortnite lately. The new season has brought a lot of new content to the game. However, it’ll be interesting to see how this affects the competitive balance of the game for Fortnite Esports events.

New Seasons of Fortnite bring a lot of changes, and frustratingly they don’t often give patch notes anymore. It’s weirdly one problem even cited in the Apple Fortnite lawsuit. Players have combed through and found out what all of the changes are. This is everything you need to know about Fortnite Season 4, what’s changed, and how it affects the competitive scene for the season.

Fortnite Season 4 Update

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Fortnite Season 4 Update

The Fortnite Season 4 update has brought a few new features to the game and returned some missed past weapons. This is what’s changed:

  • Battle Pass – The Season 4 Battle Pass has a load of superhero skins for you to work through an unlock. The ‘secret skin’ to unlock as time goes by this season is going to be Wolverine. The Battle Pass skins include Iron Man, She-Hulk, Doctor Doom, and Groot.
  • Map Changes – Three new POIs have been added. The biggest is Doom’s Domain, a mansion where Pleasant Park used to be. There’s also a helicarrier serving as the lobby island this time around. The last is a group of crushed Sentinels just north of the Authority.
  • Quinnjets – Around the map are crashed Quinnjets surrounded by Stark robots. However, it isn’t all different. While a different skin, these are the NPC loot spots for this season.
  • New Weapons – A new weapon is the fire trap, which deals 50 damage to players.
  • Mythic Items – As has become the standard, there are mythic weapons this time around too. They work differently to the past two seasons though. There are a bamboo shield and surfboard that you need to shoot down drones to collect. There’s also a Doctor Doom NPC that can drop either Mystical Bomb or the Arcana Gauntlets. These are harder to acquire than in the past and less overpowered.

Fortnite Unvaulted and Weapon Adjustments

While the brand new stuff for Fortnite season 4 is the main event, there’s been some fun unvaulting too. These are the changes:

  • Assault Rifles Changed – Assault Rifles have had some weird changes, changing their damage to 35. This is better for some varieties and worse for others.
  • Unvaulted – The Pump Shotgun, LMG, Shockwave Grenades, Boogie Bombs, Port-A-Fort, Combat Shotgun, and Bandage Bazooka.
  • Vaulted – Purple and gold Hunting Rifles, Tactical Shotgun, Mythic Items from Chapter 2 and 3.

Those unvaulted weapons should really shake things up, with shockwaves and pumps back in the game. While there aren’t too many new weapons, we’re looking at something quite different for competitive play. A lot of the items that have been brought back are competitive favorites. These are items that are used a lot in high-level play. While the mythic items are continuing to be a pain, at least they’re less overpowered this time around. At first glance, Fortnite Season 4 looks to be a pretty good balance for competitive Fortnite.

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