The Metaverse art week being held in Decentraland

The Metaverse is proving to be the digital playground for modern day creatives with many brands, designers and artists taking their work onto the blockchain.

With art shows being a historically popular type of event in the real world, it’s time the metaverse had its own art week.

The official event is being held on Decentraland, the popular virtual reality game set within the metaverse.


Image Credits | Decentraland

What can we expect at the 2022 metaverse art show?

It is actually the 3rd instalment of the art week on Decentraland with this year’s event looking to be a hit.

Being held on the 24th of August until the 28th of August this event will be a great way to send off the summer of 2022 as some of the top names come together to showcase their best work from the past 12 months.

This year’s event is called “The World is Made of Code” and has taken inspiration from “Venice Biennale Arte”.

“Metaverse Art Week 2022 will explore how the human spirit is hardwired to elicit an emotional response when presented with art inspired by the mathematical designs present in nature as well as how metaverse technology is pushing the boundaries of programmatic art and redefining what an immersive experience is.”

The above has been taken from the official Decentraland blog post on the event.

There will be an array of events, exhibitions and live talk panels that users can take part in.

Decentraland is one of Web3’s largest user generated worlds, touching shoulders with the likes of The Sandbox to bring endless play and content for blockchain gamers.

Who is involved?

Events held within the metaverse never fail to tick the boxes when it comes to getting top names and brands to get involved.

Both of the popular NFT marketplaces and Superare are said to be getting their hands dirty in the art week. Pop culture icon Damien Hirst also said to make an appearance at the event.


Image Credits | Decentraland

There are many more high calibre names that have been announced, be sure to visit Decentraland’s website to find out more on this!

Decentraland continues to deliver!

The Web3 world has continued to prove itself to be an immersive industry.

Decentraland have just recently collaborated with Netflix to bring gameplay themed around their popular title ‘Grey Man’, allowing players to experience it through the blockchain.

An ATM machine has also been added to Decentraland which is the first time something like this has been included within the Metaverse.

Decentraland’s MANA token currently has a market cap of $2 billion making it one of the more popular crypto games.

With many institutional investors and brands becoming a part of the metaverse there is only room for more growth in terms of investments and overall users.

We hope that this year’s metaverse art week is a great success!

The lineup for this event is jam packed with some of the hottest talent which means you will be spoilt for choice when the 24th of August finally comes around.