Looking for a game based on crypto that doesn’t require you a college degree in astrophysics? Then you’re in the right place. We’ve prepared an awesome shortlist of the ultimate crypto games for beginners.

Each of these games has been checked to make sure that they are simple and fun to play. Plus they are all among the best crypto mobile games so that you can enjoy a convenient way to play on your smartphone. So let’s have a closer look at our list of perfect crypto games for beginners.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity Crypto Game for Beginners

© Axie Infinity

Sure you have to begin by actually buying three Axies, but once you’ve done this, you’ll find that Axie Infinity is a breeze. The whole concept is simply to breed, battle and collect those cute Axie creatures. It’s based on the Ethereum blockchain and it features two in-game currencies called Smooth Love Potion and Axie Infinity Shards.

If you think of something like Pokemon with a crypto twist, you’ll get the idea of what Axie Infinity is all about. Still confused? Then check out our guide to Axie Infinity gameplay here to see how you can get started and pick up some award rewards for your gameplay.

Lost Relics

Lost Relics Crypto Games for Beginners

© Lost Relics

Coming in somewhere between Tomb Raider and Diablo, Lost Relics shows that play-to-earn crypto games can be able so much more than breeding, farming, and mining. After all, it’s a great adventure game that reveals crypto gaming to be fast, fun, and endlessly surprising.

There’s plenty of nonsense here about exploring ancient dungeons and defeating wizards, but the whole focus should be on collecting those NFTs. Lost Relics is on the Enjin blockchain and offers a reassuringly familiar feel to anyone new to crypto gaming.

Town Star

Townstar Crypto Games for Beginners

© Gala Games

Like Farmville? Then you’re going to love Town Star. This is one of the latest crypto farm games to cause a sensation, and it sees you growing plants, trees, and developments across a cute little virtual world.

Town Star is based on Gala’s decentralized network and uses the Ethereum blockchain where your ownership of any NFTs gained will be stored. Just remember that you have to rank on the leaderboard to make money with NFT gained in this awesome crypto game. It’ll take some time to get big benefits from Town Star, but it can definitely be worthwhile.

Nine Chronicles

Nine Chronicles Crypto Games for Beginners

© Steam

We couldn’t give you a list of crypto games for beginners without including at least one crypto MMORPG game. So we may as well include Nine Chronicles which gives you a fast and fun way to earn Ethereum by guiding your cute Freya goddess across endless fearsome obstacles.

There’s plenty of customisation possible in Nine Chronicles which means that it’s a game that you can keep coming back to. But we loved this crypto game purely because it gives you a great way to earn without even realising it.

Conclusion – Check back here to find more great crypto games for beginners

The good news is that there are more crypto games that are suitable for beginners being released each and every month. The bad news is that the quality control of some of these crypto games is less than satisfactory.

So be sure to check back to this page to get a constantly updated list of crypto games that are suited for newbies. Whether you’re looking for a simple farming game or prefer something a little more heavy-going with a decent MMORPG game, you’re sure to find something of interest here. All of which should give you a great way to see what the crypto gaming revolution is all about.