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Mobile Games

Mobile Games News: Get on board wherever you are!

Mobile games have changed a lot since people ran out on the Candy Crush fever. Even better, the mobile market is now a big part of the esports era and we can’t wait to tell you more! So, forget about that guy who once said that mobile games are not for gamers because he would probably get swiped trying to bet on Clash Royale.

Are mobile games growing?

While most traditional players die stuck to their PCs, the stock market studies show that more than half of the videogame revenue comes from Mobile Gaming. In fact, mobile gaming revenue alone just hit $49 billion in 2019 and has a growth expectation of 2.6%/year.

Furthermore, the investors are already betting on mobile gaming stock growth while companies like Tencent Games experienced substantial growth in the first quarter of 2020.

Mobile Games in Esports

The esports topic is far from getting behind the stocks when we talk about mobile games news. Dozens of game titles have been rising in the esports market during the last few years and nowadays it is quite common to watch streamed tournaments on titles such as Hearthstone, Clash Royale, Kings of Valor and even Pokémon Go.

The fact is that mobile gaming opens the market to new users, improving the number of players and such allowing the expansion of micro-tournaments. This also forges the way for big tournaments to get more attention in the long run.

Besides, now all genres are available! While you may like the rushing competition of Clash Royale, VainGlory and Legends Mobile are quite great options for a MOBA fan.

Best 3 Mobile esports games

When it comes to esports betting the most important thing to know is what mobile esports games to bet in. So, as far as mobile games news is about here are the best titles to run for:

1. PBUG Mobile

PUBG is already big in the esports scenario, and the mobile version cuts it. The gaming experience may not be as fashionable as for the console version but what you lose in graphics you get in availability.

This way, the game is responsible for the biggest esports tournaments for mobile gaming and the expectation of a combined prize pool of 5 million dollars for the PUBG Mobile tournaments of 2020.

2. Clash Royale

Sure, you can build nice Clash Royale Decks from your office’s bathroom since each match lasts 3-5 minutes; but the esports scene of this particular title is amazing. Take a look at 2019’s Clash Royale World Championship with a prize pool of 400.000$ and the fact that anyone with the skill and good internet can try it.

3. Free Fire

While this game beats PUBG mobile when it comes to downloads mobile games news show that it still looks from behind when it comes to esports. Nevertheless, the game is played as one of the most impressive mobile gaming esports as it dominates the Latin American and South Asian markets.

Betting experience in Mobile games

Betting on mobile games is still a limited experience. While some games have huge betting markets, the places to bet are still few.

On the other hand, the platform Skillz Esports is aiming to turn anything, including bubble popping games, into esports. So, the betting market will probably expand wildly soon.

Conclusion about Mobile games

Esports news about mobile games will continue to take your feed as the market grows with each new title. Besides, companies are looking for more monetizing and enjoyable experiences; which is the reason why several franchises such as Fortnite, PUBG, and Call of Duty are trying the mobile gaming market.

As for today, we may be expecting Mobile Games News such as Riot’s mobile version of League of Legends to see how things develop.