CoD Mobile 4v4v4 Arena Mode: How to play and tips & tricks

CoD Mobile Season 6 has landed with a ton of new content, and one of them is the new 4v4v4 Arena Mode. The new mode puts three teams of four players each in an intense round-based battle over a small area of the battle royale map. 

Season 6 of CoD Mobile is called Templar’s Oath. It has brought the Grau 5.56 Assault Rifle, Survival Training Multiplayer Perk, and the Kinetic Station BR Class.

If you are wondering how to play the new 4v4v4 mode in CoD Mobile, here’s the complete guide on how you can do that. 

How to play the 4v4v4 Arena Mode in CoD Mobile Season 6? 

The 4v4v4 Arena Mode will take place on either the New Vision City or Ecology Lab from the Battle Royale map. Players have to earn tokens by defeating enemies and completing objectives to earn tokens. These tokens can then be used to purchase weapons to carry into the map with you. 

The interesting part of the new mode is that there will be a zone shrinking the map. Players have to take down the other two teams to achieve victory. 

It’s a round-based game mode and the first team to reach two rounds will achieve victory. 

CoD Mobile 4v4v4 mode

Tips and tricks for CoD Arena Mode 4v4v4

Here are some tricks to get you ahead of the others in the new 4v4v4 Arena mode of CoD Mobile Season 6:

  • Complete the objectives: Besides getting kills, objectives are a good way to earn currency for the subsequent rounds. Thus, make sure to shoot down the drones found on the map to earn more weapons and equipment between rounds. 
  • Play as a team: While this is a common tip for all game modes, it applies even more to the 4v4v4 mode in CoD Mobile. This is because it’s a round-based mode and if you are eliminated, you will respawn in the subsequent round. Thus, stick together as a team to make sure none of you are caught off guard. 
  • Target the winner: You only need to win two rounds to win in this mode. Thus, be sure to eliminate the team that won the initial round first to make sure the match doesn’t end. 
  • Get a feel of the map: The new 4v4v4 Arena Mode in CoD Mobile takes place on either New Vision City or the Ecology Lab from the battle royale map. Simply dropping into a BR game and exploring these two locations to get an understanding of how to maneuver around them will put you a step ahead of your opponents. 
  • Pay attention to the circle: The easiest way to get caught off in the mode is to be caught by the shrinking circle and become an easy target for the opponents. Make sure to time your rotations effectively to be strategically well-placed on the map.
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