Onic ID and AP.Bren seek to stay undefeated at the M5 World Championship

The M5 World Championship in the Philippines is nearing its conclusion. From 16 teams in the Group Stages, we are now down to the final six teams of the tournament headlined by AP.Bren from the Philippines and Onic Esports, the MPL Indonesia defending champions in the upper bracket.

Here’s the current bracket situation heading into the second phase of the Knockout Stages:

M5 Knockouts Bracket

Credit: MLBB Esports

AP.Bren vs Onic ID – Who will stay undefeated?

Both AP Bren and Onic Indonesia finished with a perfect 3-0 record in their respective Group Stages matches last week. Both teams also haven’t lost a match series yet in the tournament, and the team who gets to win this series will still have a clean record up to the grand finals.


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AP.Bren’s clear display of dominant team play over the course of the tournament has put them on their top spot, while the Onic Esports’ secret weapon needs no introduction – they have Kairi “Kairi” Rayosdelsol, the so-called “best jungler” in the world.

The two teams already secured at least top three finishes for the entirety of the tournament. They will square off this Dec. 16 for the upper bracket final, with the winner being the first team to punch their way through the grand finals.

Blacklist International, GeekFam ID, Deus Vult, and See You Soon all fight for survival

The other four teams fighting their way in the lower bracket are former M3 world champions Blacklist International from the Philippines, MPL Indonesia runner-up GeekFam, MLBB Continental Championship Season 2 grand champion Deus Vult from Russia, and MPL Cambodia Autumn champion See You Soon.

  • Blacklist has been known to be a teamplay-oriented team after establishing the “UBE” or “ultimate bonding experience” strategy which has been their main offensive and defensive engine.
  • GeekFam, the team is quite an explosive one when it comes to crucial plays.
  • Deus Vult is a revelation this M5, with their EXP laner Mathaios “Kid Bomba” Chatzilakos being a fan-favorite.
  • See You Soon dominated their match against popular Myanmar team Burmese Ghouls in the early stages of the Knockouts after scoring a lopsided 3-0 win.

Blacklist International will go head-to-head against GeekFam. The winner of the match will face the victor of Deus Vult vs See You Soon. Both the lower bracket semi final matches will take place tomorrow, Dec. 15.

With $900,000 in total at start, and by far the largest for the M-series ever since it began way back in 2019, all teams want a better placement in the end to earn those big bucks.

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