Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship (M4): Teams & Schedule

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) World Championship (or M4) is all the craze, albeit slightly later than its predecessors. It’s set for January 1-15, 2023, where sixteen teams compete for the championship title.

With MLBB Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) behind us, all attention goes towards Season 10 and qualifications for the World Championship.

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M4 World Championship Format & Teams

As per tradition, the M4 World Championship will share a similar tournament format with previous iterations. A standard Group Stage for all qualified teams will play out, leading into a Playoffs Bracket.

The group stage is split into 4 groups of 4 teams. Matches are single round-robin best-of-one matches, where every group’s top two seeds will advance to Upper Bracket. However, it’s not the end for the bottom two as they will play in the Playoffs’ lower bracket.

Since all teams survive the group stage, the Playoffs are truly a testament to every team’s perseverance and open up opportunities for a flawless lower bracket run. A marvelous scenario, which many fans consider as the holy grail of tournaments. Playoffs are double elimination best-of-five rounds, except the first two rounds of the lower bracket as best-of-three. Of course, a full-fledged best-of-seven is reserved for the grand finals.

M4 World Championship Teams

The teams will be known once all regional leagues conclude their seasons. We will update this section part accordingly.

Betting on M4 World Championship

MLBB is a mobile MOBA that garnered attention for its intensive skill and teamwork to be good at the game. As such, Esports betting has also become synonymous with M4 World Championship, where we can bet on a promising team to win the match. Not to mention that the M4 World Championship spans across two weeks, with plenty of matches to bet on.

However, we recommend betting on playoffs matches because it’s best-of-five, which is considered the fairest series to determine a team’s performance. Otherwise, group stage matches are great if you are gambling on that lucky fluke by an underdog team, where they are high risk, high reward.

Recap of M3 World Championship

The World Championship has had a history of exponential growth since its first iteration back in 2019. Since then, the prize pool tripled, and we can plausibly expect M4 World Championship to feature a larger prize pool, past $800,000.

As stakes grew with every world championship, so did the teams, which many as fan bases that call them powerhouses. First off, a tribute to the defending champions, Blacklist International, who won M3. Although Blacklist is the most accomplished MLBB team in the scene, their recent performance paints a different picture. Their last tournament, the MPL Philippines Season 9 only recorded their participation effort as they went out in last place.

Instead, RRQ Hoshi, hailing from Indonesia is arguably the most consistent World Championship participant. They qualified for every iteration, dominated the regional MPL ID Seasons, and are still going strong in the MLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2022.

North America isn’t the biggest region for MLBB players, but the BloodThirstyKings has garnered quite the fanbase recently. They placed third at the M3 World Championship, marking NA’s first achievement in placing top three in World Championship. As such, fans are excited to see the return of BTK as the optimistic wild card.

Catch the action live on the MLBB Twitch channel, or stay updated with the championship’s latest details by following their Twitter page.