PMSL Americas inaugural edition postponed by a week due to logistical issues

The PUBG Mobile Super League (PMSL) Americas Spring 2024, the first-ever edition of PUBG Mobile’s partnered esports league in the Americas, has been delayed by a week. In a statement on Instagram, the organizer stated that this decision was being taken due to “international logistical matters.”

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Image Credits: PUBG Mobile Esports

For the unaware, the PMSL is a partnered league by Tencent that was introduced in 2024 across four regions, one of which is the Americas. In the PMSL Americas, there are eight partnered teams, who have guaranteed slots and other financial perks too. The remaining eight teams have made it to the event through open qualifiers. This is also the first par Americas offline event and is happening in São Paulo, Brazil.

PMSL Americas Spring 2024 will begin on May 29

Thus, the PMSL Americas Spring 2024 will now kick off on May 29 instead of the earlier schedule of May 22. While the end date wasn’t specified in the announcement, the entire tournament is likely being pushed back, meaning it will now end on June 23.

The 4-week LAN event is undoubtedly the biggest PUBG Mobile esports event held in North and South America and is an indication of the push by the publisher to grow the game in the region. This comes after the PUBG Mobile Global Open (PMGO), an international PUBG Mobile esports LAN event, took place in Brazil too.

The organizers didn’t reveal exactly what the international logistical matters leading to the postponement were.

“Welcoming the players, teams, and partners with excellence is our main priority for offline events. Providing a smooth, professional, and competitive experience is of the utmost importance for any PUBG MOBILE tournament, especially one as historical and remarkable as PMSL Americas,” the statement read.

There is a lot at stake in the PMSL Americas Spring 2024. Besides the $220,000 prize pool, teams are fighting for four slots in the PUBG Mobile World Cup (PMWC) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The PMWC is set to begin in July, as a part of the Esports World Cup, although the precise schedule hasn’t been announced yet.

Fans from North and South America will be hoping that it doesn’t begin immediately after the PMSL Americas, though, to give their regional representative enough rest and time to prepare.

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