PUBG Mobile tips for 2024: Get better at the game

PUBG Mobile has become one of the most popular games on mobile phones due to the ability to play with friends as well as various people around the world. Players can play in a competitive environment to reach the top of the leaderboards. If some players wish to play in a more casual manner, they can play the unranked game modes. The game has a variety of game modes that are suited for fans of battle royales as well as first-person shooters. In this article, let’s take a look at some tips and tricks to get better at PUBG Mobile in 2024.

pubg mobile tips

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PUBG Mobile tips: How to get better in 2024?

Pre-plan where to land on the map in PUBG Mobile

The first thing players will need to keep in mind is where to land on a given map. This is crucial as each game has a different flight path. This has been done to make sure that players cannot just be in one location each game. One must also note that the zones of the map vary as well based on the flight path.

It is next to impossible for players to have the same final zone in two matches one after the other. Due to this, players need to be aware of the location they would like to land while on the plane. This would also allow players to be quite familiar with a given drop on the map. Players will also get accustomed to the rotations they would be required to do for a given zone.

Focus on looting before shooting

The second in the list of tips for PUBG Mobile players to keep in mind is that loot is important. In various parts of a given map, there will be hotspots with various loot. This will involve various weapons as well as armor and attachments. In the initial part of the game, kills are not the most crucial. Instead, players should focus on getting the best weapon and armor.

Another point to note is that players can obtain various items to heal themselves. This involves medicines, health packs as well as energy drinks. These items come when a teammate or the players themselves need support. If a player is revived, they have low health and the only way to recover their health is by health packs. In the first two zones, players should focus more on getting the highest level of armor and weaponry they can obtain and then go for duels.

When in doubt, finish them out

The third tip to keep in mind is to finish your opponents. There have been moments in competitive play as well as in ranked where other players steal skills. Due to this, players don’t get the points they deserve. This would affect your final score while trying to rank up various levels in PUBG Mobile.

Many players believe in waiting for the entire squad of the player who is knocked down. In certain situations, this is quite helpful as it secures four kills instead of just one. Sometimes this does backfire when the opponent squad kills your entire team due to them being better.

Below we have provided other tips and tricks that players can use in PUBG Mobile to get better in 2024:

  • Focus on Audio-visual cues on the map and in the game.
  • Having the utmost awareness of how the zone circles shift for each zone.
  • Focus on obtaining a higher-ground advantage against your opponents.
  • When under pressure in a clutch situation, try to keep your composure and focus on isolating fights.
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