Best PUBG Mobile Settings: Pro Settings for avid PUBG Mobile gamers

For the players looking to dominate PUBG Mobile and secure those chicken dinners, there’s nothing more important than having the most optimized settings possible. Today, we’re looking at the best PUBG Mobile settings, helping you become the best competitor you can be.

Dramatically popular since it was released in 2018, PUBG Mobile been downloaded more than one billion times. It’s a hugely valuable platform, and it boasts one of the most exciting esports ecosystems in the business.

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For the top players in the industry, the best pro settings for PUBG Mobile are of undeniable importance. From the sensitivity tweaks to the layout of widgets on the screen, every feature can mean the difference between winning and losing an entire match. In this guide, we’re breaking down the best PUBG Mobile aim settings, graphics options, and everything in between, to help you become the best player in the drop, every time.

Best PUBG Mobile Settings: Master The Basics

Many settings act as the foundation for the more advanced options available. These are the settings that might be unique to PUBG Mobile, but they’re some of the most basic options that you’ll need to tweak to be the most optimised player in the fight. If you’re eager to rise up the ranks in PUBG Mobile, you’ll need to start with these settings.

PUBG Mobile Graphics Settings

  • Switch to Smooth Graphics: If you’re looking for the smoothest, cleanest experience possible, you’ll want to prioritise performance over graphics. To that end, players should select the Smooth graphics preset instead of HD or HDR.
  • Turn off Anti-Aliasing: If you’re using a low-end device,  you should turn off Anti-Aliasing completely. This setting smoothes edges, but it uses many resources and can cause your game to lag if you’re not running a dedicated gaming device.
  • Switch off Auto Adjust Graphics: By default, PUBG Mobile will automatically adjust your graphics based on the game’s performance. If you want to avoid this happening, it’s worth switching off Auto Adjust Graphics.
  • Set FPS Settings to Extreme: If you can, set FPS settings to ‘Extreme’ to maximize your frames. Especially if you own PUBG Mobile 120 FPS supported devices.
  • Set SFX Quality to Low: If you want to boost your frames further, set the SFX Quality to low, which will reduce the impact of explosions and bullet impacts.
  • Set Shadows to Very Low or Low: Finally, you can consider turning Shadows down to Very Low or Low, and, as a hidden tip, select the Movie Graphics Style, which can give an advantage in foggy environments.
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PUBG Mobile General Settings

Some of the best pro settings for PUBG Mobile are general, run-of-the-mill options that many other games also have available.

  • Enable the Gyroscope Setting: As this is a mobile-based game, the Gyroscope Setting can be enabled to introduce several key advantages. For instance, using the Gyroscope will encourage faster-aiming abilities and less recoil overall – but it will require a little effort to perfect the ability. When combining this feature with the rest of the best PUBG Mobile settings, you’ll become a dominating force in the game.
  • Adjust Damage Effect Setting and Download HD Sounds: In terms of overall awareness, it’s a good idea to amend your Damage Effect setting, setting it to a more visible colour, such as a bright yellow. This will give you a better idea of when you’re taking damage, which may enable you to react faster and more accurately. It’s a good idea to download the HD Sounds, too. When it comes to awareness in PUBG Mobile, nothing helps more than knowing which direction shots are coming from and from what weapon those shots have originated.

Best PUBG Mobile Settings: The Secret Settings

There are many ‘hidden settings’ in PUBG Mobile that you’ll need to turn on or off to make your life much easier. We’ve already mentioned the tips with the Gyroscope and the Damage Effect colouration, but let’s go one step further with these secret settings.

  1. Firstly, you’ll want to switch Bolt Action, Crossbow, and Shotgun Firing Modes to Tap rather than Release, making all these weapon classes much less cumbersome.
  2. Then, switch on Peek and Fire, which offers up a smaller hitbox when you’re peeking corners.
  3. It’s important to ensure Lean and Scope are both on Tap and that the Left-Side Fire Button is Always On by default.

Where you’re putting your buttons on-screen is mostly subjective, so we can’t weigh in on that, but it’s important to test out new placements and get a feel for what works for you. We’re confident that if you use these best PUBG Mobile settings, you’ll be ready to start locking down those all-important chicken dinners.

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Why are the best PUBG Mobile settings important?

There’s no way you’d want to play PUBG Mobile with a broken device or a low battery, so why would you want to play with bad, unoptimized settings?

If you’re an avid PUBG Mobile player, there’s nothing more important than having a great experience overall, and having the best PUBG Mobile settings is the gateway to that great experience. It has to be said that the best PUBG players work hard to ensure that they’re playing in the best environment possible and that all begins with having the best settings possible.

With this guide, you’ll be walking away with the best PUBG pro settings on the internet. We’ve taken the time to assemble a compendium of information that breaks down every setting necessary to succeed, from the most obvious to the most subtle changes imaginable. There’s a massive amount of growth going on in mobile gaming at the moment, and PUBG Mobile is leading the charge. There’s no need to limit yourself by playing the game with poor settings.

Let’s take a look at the settings that the best PUBG streamers and competitors are using, and learn how we can take your skills to the next level.

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