PUBG Pro Settings Guide: Best PUBG Pro Player Settings 2024

Today, we’re here to answer the call of the fans, putting together an all-important PUBG pro settings guide. With this guide in your hand, you’re sure to land more chicken dinners than you ever thought possible.

PUBG has been around for years, and it has been forever working hard to define the battle royale genre. For some players, PUBG is what made battle royale what it is today, and since it pivoted to a free-to-play model in 2022, it has become more popular than ever before.

PUBG Pro Settings

Credit: PUBG Esports

However, we’re not just talking about the best in-game settings – oh, no. We’re bringing you the best PUBG pro player settings on the market, as well as helping you gain maximum FPS if you play on a PC. We’re telling you how to make the most of your PUBG console settings, and we’re showing you how to maximise your in-game abilities. If you’re eager to get better at PUBG, this is one esports guide that you don’t want to miss.

Let’s get into it – here’s our guide for the best PUBG pro settings.

Why are PUBG Pro Settings Important?

If you’re playing a competitive multiplayer title, the last thing you want to do is play with one hand tied behind your back. That’s essentially what you do if you’re not optimising your settings. If you’re restricting yourself to low FPS, poor controls, and mismatched settings, you’re effectively blindfolding yourself before you play the game. It’s no way to play, and it’s certainly no way to secure any big wins, whether you’re playing alone or with friends.

To steal countless chicken dinners, you’ll need to lock down the best PUBG pro settings. Do you think that the best PUBG players in the world got to where they are without giving any thought to their in-game settings? No – in any competitive game, the right settings can mean the difference between a win and a loss.

There’s plenty to be done to perfect your game, regardless of what platform you’re on. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing PUBG on a console or on a PC, there’s a lot that you can do in the game’s base settings to ensure you’re climbing the ranks in PUBG as fast as possible. Fortunately, we’ve compiled the only guide you’ll ever need to lock down the best PUBG settings 2022 has to offer.

Best PUBG Settings for Console

If you’re playing PUBG on PlayStation or Xbox platforms, these are the PUBG pro player settings that you’ll need in order to succeed. While most of the best PUBG streamers play on PC, there’s still a massive audience playing on console-based platforms. That’s why we’re opening up this PUBG pro settings guide with a console-focused walkthrough.

pubg pro settings for pc

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Controller Settings

As you can only use a controller in PUBG on console, there’s no need to mention keyboard and mouse options here. If you’re using a controller to play on a PC, you can also use these settings, though.

Typically, most pro settings in PUBG lean towards using Controller Button Preset B as the first key setting. This allows you to aim using the left trigger, and as a whole, it’s the closest preset to traditional FPS games, which most players are naturally familiar with. If you’re a more modern player, we’d also recommend keeping the Invert X- and Y-Axis options disabled. Traditionally, most pro players will then lock their dead zones between 10 and 20 – but you can change this based on your own personal preference.

In terms of sensitivity, you should be looking to have a Forward Running sensitivity of around 10. Then, your Movement Sensitivity should sit between the 10 and 20 marks, and your Vertical Sensitivity Multiplier between 70 and 100. Finally, the General Sensitivity rating should be at around 15, but this, again, depends on personal preference. If you are in regular close combat, consider putting your Aim Acceleration on and locking it to 4.

General PUBG Console Settings

There’s more to the best PUBG pro settings than just controller settings – much more, in fact.

Firstly, you’ll want to turn on Cross-Platform Play, as this will reduce the time you need to queue to find a match. If you’re keen to limit the noise on-screen, switch the Kill Feed Type to Graphic, which promotes less clutter on-screen overall. In terms of your Crosshair Color, take a leaf out of VALORANT’s book and adopt a high-contrast colour, like pink. It’ll make it harder to detect against all backgrounds.

It’s advised to lock Auto Reload to ‘On’, and Auto-Replace Attachments to ‘Off’, to make the flow of combat unfold more comfortably. Finally, we’d advise that you select a Field of View somewhere between 90 and 98 and that you customise your Brightness and Contrast settings for each individual map, as they offer different playing experiences.


Best PUBG Pro Player Settings for PC

For a while, people were asking, ‘is PUBG dying’? When PUBG was made free-to-play, it saw a massive resurgence, particularly on PC. With that in mind, this next section details the best PUBG pro player settings for PC.

Keyboard and Mouse Settings

For the most part, keyboard and mouse settings are subjective, and they tend to differ quite wildly from player to player. Here’s an example of some of the settings that the best PUBG pro players are using in-game on PC:

  • FaZe GustavQQ: 800 DPI, 32 Aim Sens., 144hz, 103 FOV.
  • FaZe Fexx: 400 DPI, 50 Aim Sens., 144hz, 97 FOV.
  • NaVi Ubah: 800 DPI, 43 Aim Sens., 240hz, 90 FOV.

It’s totally up to you what your Mouse Sensitivity sits at, but if you’re seeking greater weapon control, consider turning the sensitivity down overall. It’s recommended that your Aim Sensitivity should sit at around 20, but it really depends on what kind of player you are. When it comes to keybinds, it really does depend on the individual player – some competitors have bizarre keybinds that would confuse even the most experienced PUBG player.

Best PUBG Graphics Settings for PC

This is how you can maximise your FPS in PUBG and get the best performance in-game. It’s worth bearing in mind that, as per traditional PC gaming ‘rules’, if you’re running an underpowered rig, no amount of settings tweaking will make your game run flawlessly. It’s a hardware-driven thing, unfortunately.

Typically, most PUBG pro players’ settings will open up with a Display Resolution of 1920×1080. Then, their Camera FOV will sit somewhere between 90 and 103. While most quality settings are subjective, it’s widely accepted that the Screen Scale rating should be locked to 100, to allow as far a render distance as possible. If you’re maximising FPS, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Anti-Aliasing: Very Low
  • Post-Processing: Low
  • Shadows: Low
  • Textures: Medium
  • Effects: Low
  • Foliage: Very Low
  • View Distance: Medium
  • V-Sync: Low
  • Motion Blur: Always Off

Generally, most PC players will opt for a Fullscreen Window Mode, which tends to be the least resource-heavy mode for PC gaming. If you’re jumping into the game with these settings, you’re almost guaranteed to have a better, smoother playing experience.

That brings an end to our PUBG pro settings guide, but that isn’t the final word on the matter. If you’re a handheld gamer, consider checking out our PUBG Mobile pro settings guide, which gives you all the tips you need to have the best games possible on mobile devices.