Red Bull M.E.O. was a brawl, a clash, an adventure!

The Red Bull M.E.O. Global Finals are over and done with – the biggest mobile gaming bash out there has finally happened. After several months of regional qualifiers worldwide, the big finale went down in Germany last weekend. More specifically, it went down in Dortmund, Germany last weekend.

The big game of the event was definitely Clash Royale, though games like Brawl Stars and Arena of Valor were nearly as popular and well-represented. Eight Brawl Stars teams, and dozens of Clash Royale and Arena of Valor pros showed up to the tournament to work out who the best mobile gamers out there are.

Over two days, the games took place – the big event was the finale of Supercell’s Clash Royale. As one of the most high-profile esports in the Western world, it was no surprise just how popular it was. 36 players started the weekend off, but only one could win it – that honour went to Scotland’s Liam ‘ThunderStruck’ McCarron! Congrats, Liam.


© Daniel Sommer | Red Bull Content Pool

The established pro earned himself a spot with Fnatic not long before this tournament – he won the EE Mobile series championship not two weeks ago. That wasn’t the beginning of his career though – he was already a top player in 2017, when he won the Crown Championship World Finals.

As for Brawl Stars, the winning team of three players was Team Consty – they entered the finale with an overwhelming 9-1 score despite often picking uncommon team compositions and even outright against the current meta. In the finale they beat their contenders – Team Alex – 3-0. Brawl Stars itself is still very new – the game was only fully released last December and the Red Bull M.E.O. was the game’s first major event since then. Experts are predicting a pretty lively future for the game as an esport, with this event having stoked interest even further.


© Daniel Sommer | Red Bull Content Pool

The third game at the event, Arena of Valor, had a different format entirely – they brought in players from two different countries, namely Turkey and Germany, and had them form a pickup squad with a pretty unique type of opponent – talent and influencers from the event. Among them was M.E.O. host Frankie ‘GetFrank’ Ward and even William ‘Woody’ Hix.

The talent team ended up losing to the German and Turkish pros, which, although it was only a show-match, won the prevailing team a trip in a Red Bull party bus – for what it’s worth, not a bad reward!

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