Valorant Mobile Delayed? – Tencent no longer developing the title

Valorant Mobile was announced back in June 2021. Since then, more than two years have passed but a release date for the anticipated shooter title for Android and iOS is nowhere in sight.

However, a major development change has happened behind the game, according to a report by Talk Esport.

Valorant Mobile

Tencent moves away from developing Valorant Mobile

Riot Games announced Valorant Mobile during the first anniversary of the main game. Later, it was revealed that the company was working with Tencent Games to develop the title. This wasn’t a surprising move. In the past, Tencent has worked with the likes of Activision, Krafton, and The Pokemon Company for mobile games like CoD Mobile, PUBG Mobile, and Pokemon UNITE.

Additionally, Tencent is the parent company of Riot Games. With the experience that Tencent brings from developing mobile titles, fans were confident of getting the game soon.

However, it seems like that may no longer be the case. According to a prominent insider, @SargeOP_ on Twitter, Tencent Games has halted development for Valorant Mobile. The exact reason behind this wasn’t revealed, though.

Now, the game is being developed completely by Riot Games. According to the tweet, the game is being completely remade from scratch by Riot’s LA office.

When will the game release?

Riot never revealed an official release date for Valorant Mobile. When the game was announced back in June 2021, fans expected the beta to release at alteast by the end of 2022. However, in an interview with Popline last February, Anna Donlon, the executive producer of Valorant, said that developing the title on mobile has been incredibly challenging.

She added that they have been continuing to tackle that problem, but the development of the game has been slow. Now, coupled with the recent news of a separate game being under development, it remains to be seen when the anticipated mobile shooter will be released

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