Movistar Liga Pro Gaming Season 6 is the Americas talent boost we need

Amidst the flashy ESL One Germany 2020 and the Summit 13, the South American scene has the Movistar Liga Pro Gaming Season 6 to play out at the tail end of the season. Officially sponsored by Valve, the event offers a “generous” prize pool of 24,000 USD.

Putting aside the prize pool, it’s a breath of fresh air for amateur SA teams that aren’t quite good enough to rival their NA counterparts. Hence, the smaller competitions really serve as a local training ground to nurture the scene at its own pace. Given how poorly the North American Dota 2 has been this year, it is encouraging to know at least one  part of the Americas is developing talent for the Americas region.


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Movistar Liga Pro Gaming Season 6 Overview & Teams

Organizer, Live Media, invited 16 teams to their event, divided into two divisions. Both divisions also serve as a qualifier for the Movistar Liga Pro Gaming Final Series coming in the end of November.

The invitees are certainly no pushover as they consist of both seasoned SA players and some newcomer talent. Regional powerhouses such as Infamous, Thunder Predator and Team Unknown are decent candidates when it comes to Dota 2 betting.

However, let’s not count out the rest of the competition, such as EgoBoys, Omega Gaming, and especially Team Brasil. Despite its unfamiliar team name, Team Brasil features a line of noteworthy players, such as Kingrd and 4dr. The duo has participated in various Valve-sponsored majors and even the Internationals.

Lastly, team Hokori is another mysterious Peruvian team that doesn’t have a competitive play history yet. Hence, this could be a grand debut if Hokori could make it work.

As for the tournament format, it features best-of-two round-robin series over 9 days. The top four finishers will proceed to the playoffs where they will be joined by Beastcoast and the winner of the Lower Division of MLPG S6.

The proclaimed strongest, Thunder Predator

Thunder Predator, might just be the strongest team at the competition. They recently made their way up to the grand finals versus the very formidable Quincy Crew at ESL One Thailand 2020. However, things aren’t going as expected for Thunder Predators at the Movistar Liga Pro Gaming Season 6. They have already played four series in the group stage, all of which ended with a tie. If Thunder Predator couldn’t secure at least a complete sweep, then they are on the road to getting themselves eliminated soon.

As it stands, they are pretty deep in the bottom half of the standings.

Infamous squad

On the other hand, team Infamous is off to a convincing start, having won most series and no losses. They are now the top seeds in the group; hence, they guaranteed their spot in the playoffs.

Of course, this didn’t come as much surprise since Infamous is possibly the largest powerhouse org in the region. Their most notable achievement was when they secured 7th place in the International 2019, marking them as the only SA squad to make it into the top 7 finishes and a whopping 850K USD.

Although the former line-up is not present anymore, Infamous has not stop cultivating new talents to represent the SA region in the upcoming majors and International 2020.

The new Infinity Esports

The lower division might have a hidden gem in their midst as well. Ahead of MLPG S6 the organization announced a brand new roster. They were seeded into the Lower Division, which might be a blessing for the team to practice and gel better as a squad ahead of the finals. In my analysis, Infinity is likely the one team that is likely to advance to the Final Series in December.

It will come down to the support of Sergio “Prada” Toribio to guide his new roster to glory in the South American Dota 2 scene.

Four days into the group stage, and there’s an apparent trend among participating teams. None of them have a dominating winning streak. Thunder Predator may be in the bottom seeds for now, but a clean sweep could instantly surge them into the upper seed category. The same goes for the other teams as well.

It’s really anybody’s game over at the Movistar Liga Pro Gaming Season 6. The reason we are overviewing these events are the Dota 2 odds which are wild and wonderful to keep track of. If you seek matches to tie into your accumulators featuring Dota Summit 13 and ESL One Germany, than MLPG is the perfect candidate to scout coefficient boosting match ups.

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