The impact of the The International 2020 being postponed

It’s that time of the year again, when Valve is preparing to release the Battle Pass for The International. Normally, there’s a lot of excitement in the air, as each year brings new features, new content, and pleasant surprises. But this time it’s different. Even though the community is too busy playing the game, Valve’s decision to postpone Dota 2 The International 2020 to 2021 is hurting everyone: fans, players, talent, esports betting companies.

The impact of the The International 2020 being postponed

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The Meaning of The International

For any Dota 2 fan, The International is a big moment. Some people love Christmas (I do!). Others love some other key moment of the year. For people who play Dota 2 and follow The Dota Pro Circuit, those two weeks of TI hold a special place on their calendar. And in the 10th year of the tournament, the year when the event was supposed to come back to Europe (the first edition was held in Cologne while the 10th was planned for Stockholm), this global crisis has put an end to it. Hopefully, we will have the event in 2021. Although based on all the forecasts, the current situation is expected to last (realistically) for 2 years.

The 2019-2020 DPC

The global situation has resulted not only in the postponement of TI 2020 for 2021 but also in the postponement of the Dota Pro Circuit itself for the Autumn. As you probably know, only 2 of the 5 Majors that had been scheduled were played. The other 3 got canceled and as a result, the DPC rankings are not very relevant, except for the top 7 teams, which had secured a spot at the event regardless of what else would have happened at the final 3 Majors. Hopefully, as the international crisis gets resolved, we will start seeing new Majors taking place.

Scuffed Season

Emotions are mixed after the suspension of the DPC season. TNC Predator was the leader in points but has not performed well this entire year. They should be glad the season and TI are postponed just to save face. For Virtus.Pro and Fnatic however, this year was the one they were looking forward to making an impact. Virtus has performed admirably so far this spring. The same can be said for EG and Fnatic.

Even business associates is looking good this year as TI 2020 was in their sights. Now they have to grind the rest of the season out for a shot at 2021 instead.

OG has been the only team that managed to win the tournament twice. And given that the 2020 edition was postponed to 2021, there’s a small chance that we’ll see OG reunited with ana until then. Because the Australian carry, who has taken a break from the game, will be back in action in 2021. Given that his performances were critical in his team’s success, I think he’s practically the only man who can bring OG their third consecutive Aegis of Champions. But we’ll see what happens.

The International 2021

Assuming that everything goes according to plan, one big question remains though: what will happen to The International 2021? Will we have two TIs in the same year? Will one of them get canceled? In principle, if TI 10 takes place until March next year, there should be enough room to organize at least 3 Majors (that’s the new format now if you remember) and then based on the results of those tournaments, offer direct invitations and put together one more TI. That would be everyone’s dream I think. Having one world championship around March and then another one just 6 months later would certainly compensate for the sad situation we’re in. But is that in Valve’s plans or is it too much? We haven’t been told yet what the plan is, but I do suspect that we will be informed at some point this year.

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