Evil Geniuses and Fnatic are your BTS Pro Series Champions

Evil Geniuses and Fnatic are crowned as regional champions of BTS Pro Series. In Americas regional, Evil Geniuses defeated Quincy Crew in a clutching 3-1 finals. Meanwhile, Fnatic took an indisputable 3-0 victory over TNC Predator at the SE Asia regional.

Let’s recap the crucial plays and moments in both regional finals.

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Unstoppable Fnatic

Looking to the east, Fnatic took a clean sweep against TNC, largely thanks to their coordinated plays. The first game was a stomp, whereby 23savage’s Alchemist had great item timings. At only 20 minutes, the farmed Alchemist has Radiance, BKB, Assault Cuirass and a Reaver for Heart of Tarrasque in the making. Now that’s definitely a win condition for Fnatic.

Although TNC managed to get ahead of Fnatic in the second game, a one-sided team fight in favor of Fnatic was all they needed to overwhelm TNC and take game 2 for themselves. A well-timed Winter’s Curse by Jabz’s Winter Wyvern, disrupted TNC’s entire fighting capability.

It was Fnatic’s second time defeating TNC after their upper bracket brawl. In both series, Fnatic stood undefeated. Unfortunately, TNC has been very sloppy ever since the Leipzig major. However, TNC still holds the first rank in DPC leaderboards for their first place victory at Chengdu major.

So they meet again…

For Evil Geniuses, it was a revenge game to make up for their initial loss. Quincy Crew previously defeated Evil Geniuses in the upper brackets with a clean 2-0 sweep. Arteezy was rendered completely useless as he does not survive long enough in fights to have any impact. Even though he had BKB, he did not use it in time to save himself from an enemy’s killing blow in multiple occasions. For instance, Arteezy gets hit by Necrophos’ Reaper’s Scythe, adding extra duration to his death timer. He could have easily avoided the damage and blow if he used BKB.

As GrandGrant described EG:

“EG crumbling like a homemade cherry pie your mom made on a summer day”.

However, Evil Geniuses did play their way through the lower bracket. In game 2 versus Thunder Predator, EG.Cr1t clutched the game for his team, with amazing 1vs5 defense. He was playing Elder Titan, despite being a support, he had Divine Rapier on top of his passive ability. All he did was bash his hammer on every enemy hero, killing them in just 3 hits.

Arteezy’s Great Escape

Throughout the grand finals, there were amazing plays by Evil Geniuses’ carry, Arteezy. In the second game, Arteezy playing Riki, makes a mind-blowing escape from Quincy Crew. Quincy Crew who were hot in pursuit of killing Arteezy, were tricked into assuming that he escaped safely. But in reality, he just hide in an unconventional spot where Quincy Crew did not expect him at.

Haven’t got enough of Arteezy’s mind-boggling jukes? Well, in game 4, Arteezy once again escapes death which would have been a certain death for many players. With barely any health, he runs into the trees but an enemy Weaver’s Shukuchi damage could have killed him if it touches him. Arteezy saves himself by placing a tree to block Weaver’s entrance.

In the end, EG claimed the BTS Pro Series Championship rightfully.

What’s next?

As there’s still much uncertainty about whether Valve-sponsored tourneys will still be held, the DOTA2 community will have to rely on third-party online leagues such as BTS Pro Series for content. While there are no upcoming events for the two regions, the EU, CIS and even China regional leagues are happening right now.

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