MPL Malaysia Season 10 Records League’s Highest-Ever Viewership

Season 10 of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang regional league MPL Malaysia has just recorded its highest viewership so far with 232,500 peak viewers. This is a 90,000 peak viewer increase from Season 9 of the competition, which managed a peak viewership of around 143,783.

It should be kept in mind that Season 9 also took place this year, and according to the stats laid out on esports charts, there has been an increase in viewership for the last four seasons of MPL Malaysia. The good news did not stop there with MLP Malaysia also clocking 6.1m watch hours — the most hours watched since the league has started.

As far as the viewership statistics go, it wasn’t all onwards and upwards. Season 8 of MLP Malaysia still holds the record for the highest average viewership record with 31,720. Some of this has got to do with Season 10 having 50 more hours of air time, but it is a reminder that there is still a lot of work to be done if MPL Malaysia wants to sustain and increase its viewership.

MPL Malaysia S10 viewership

How does MPL Malaysia compare to other regions?

While the increase in peak viewership is certainly a big positive heading into future seasons, it still lags behind the MPL leagues in Philippines and Indonesia. MPL Indonesia has managed a peak viewership of 1.7m recently, and MPL Philippines has clocked 513,000. It must also be mentioned that there were was a peak viewership of 100,000 in MPL Cambodia.

Beating Indonesia will take a while because the MPL league in that region has beaten the viewership records of LEC and LCK in the past. This goes for peak viewership and average viewership. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is massive in all these neighboring counties in South East Asia but Indonesia remains the main hub as things stands. Malaysia needs to be looking at Philippines as the model it should follow.

The MPL Malaysia Season 10 final between Team HAQ and TODAK was the most viewed match in this time around. TODAK went on to win the tournament, but it wasn’t all bad news for Team HAQ, who will be joining TODAK in the biggest Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournament, the M4 Championship. The tournament will be held in January 2023 in Malaysia.

Sponsorship will help MPL Malaysia

There’s no doubt that one of the underlining reasons for the increased viewership this season were some of the sponsors like Samsung, Secretlab, Samsung, TikTok and McDonald’s. TikTok viewership will likely increase overtime. The app recorded a peak viewership of 65,966, but YouTube remains the main source for viewing the tournament. MPL Malaysia Season 10 had 125,414 peak viewers on the video streaming platform.

No other esport has been running for so long in Malaysia. “MPL Malaysia has played a huge role in shaping the direction and growth of the national esports industry. The league has created several opportunities for young players who have blossomed into great role models and veterans, and set an industry benchmark in terms of esports production and management,” said Jwan Heah, Chief Marketing Officer of Malaysia Book of Records, just before the tournament.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is also growing in popularity. The mobile multiplayer online battle arena game was first released in 2016, and this sort of success with an esports industry dedicated to it wasn’t expected at first. For now, South Asia remains its most popular market.