MrBeast and Ninja announce LoL Match with prize higher than winning MSI

MrBeast and Ninja are two of the most well-known streamers and content creators. However, neither is exactly known for LoL. The two players are going to be competing in a special MrBeast and Ninja LoL match, with fund 150,000$ at stake! Winning this match would actually earn you more dough when winning MSI 2022.

The MrBeast and Ninja LoL match will be a big live event held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The two titans of gaming will be competing in a personal grudge match. This is how it’s going to work, how we got here, and which of the two looks like the favorite here.

MrBeast vs Ninja LoL

MrBeast and Ninja LoL Match

MrBeast versus Ninja LoL match is going to be taking place on July 9th. The event will be broadcast live from Las Vegas, befitting of a match with such a huge bet behind it!

While there’s no title at stake here, both players are putting $150,000 on the match. The winner takes the money of the loser, so there are big stakes for this face-off.

MrBeast issued the challenge that started this off:

The match will be played between 4-7 PM PT, in a single best-of-three League of Legends series. There’s little room for mistakes in such a tight set of matches. However, Ninja definitely seems confident about his chances in the game:

Why a MrBeast and Ninja LoL Match?

A MrBeast and Ninja LoL match seems like a weird event to happen since neither is known for the game! However, it goes back further than you might think. Alongside both having occasional history with the game, they recently ended up trash-talking each other. After MrBeast discussed hosting a LoL tournament soon, Ninja claimed he was awful at the game.

This trash talk naturally evolved into the wager match that’s coming up in July! Although putting such high stakes on a match based on trash talk was pretty unexpected.

Can MrBeast and Ninja Perform in LoL?

The big question heading into the event is who has the advantage here. It’s hard to say given that neither name is exactly known for this title. MrBeast and Ninja’s LoL experience is kind of limited, but there is some precedent here.

Ninja in LoL

Ninja got his start as a pro Halo player. He’s mainly known for being one of the biggest streamers, but he got his start in esports. It isn’t just Halo he’s excelled at either. It was primarily his skills at Fortnite that propelled Ninja to fame. He’s known for his dead accuracy, especially with Snipers. He’s become one of the best Fortnite streamers even as he’s moved away from competitive gameplay here.

Can this translate over to LoL then? He has actually had some streams and games where he’s played LoL in the past. For quite a while, the player streamed a considerable amount of League of Legends. In the past Ninja has hit Platinum in LoL ranking system. This is quite an achievement. More recently, Ninja has ended up ranked Diamond. This is the top 2% of players and a still show of skill. On the other hand, MrBeast had this to say:

MrBeast in LoL

MrBeast is mainly known for spending stupid amounts of money on viral video stunts. He’s no stranger to gaming though. He’s played the game a considerable amount and has even talked about plans to own a League team in the future with a spot at the LCS.

MrBeast might be aspiring to own a team and not play on one, but he’s no slouch in gameplay. He’s gotten up to Silver rank in the past.

It does look like Ninja has the edge in this game, but with a live event and money on the line, there could be some unexpected results! You’ll have to watch the game itself to see which way it goes!