Will Cloud9 rise or flop in deciders? – MSI Group C Final Day Predictions

Three teams (Cloud9, DetonationFocusMe and Gilette Infinity) are currently tied in 2nd place with a 1-2 record. With only Group C left to play, we’re going to make our predictions for the final day of Groups Stage of the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI).

Teams have the last chance to qualify for the next round and every game will be a decider. This is especially true against 1st place DAMWON Kia: a victory against them might be the breaking point for any of these teams.


MSI Group C – DK is set to dominate

The first prediction of the day is a pretty obvious one: DK will continue to be the front runner of the group. They have shown their dominance from the get-go, taking down all the other teams. We expect them to continue their win streak on the last day, beating the minor regions in sub-30 minutes games. The only real challenge will be against DetonationFocusMe who really pushed them in their first match, and against Cloud9 who really need to win somewhere to make their day easier.


DAMWON Kia Roster

Cloud9 has the highest chances of advancing

Despite a shaky start from the NA representative, we’re still confident that C9 will qualify for the second stage of MSI. Their opener against DK was indicative that they do have some potential to fight with the best.

What punished C9, though, was the overconfidence and greediness against the wildcard teams. Flashing to get a scuttle crab (see the series against DFM) is not something that you should ever do, because it adds unnecessary volatility to the game. The team must work on its consistency and play with a “slower” mindset. On paper, as long as they play well, they will outperform the other two teams.


The breaking point for Cloud9 will be the rematch against DK: if they manage to win against the Korean team, they will very likely proceed to the next stage. Otherwise, they will have to play tie-breakers.

Gilette Infinity is the Dark Horse

Gilette Infinity has been the surprise of Group C. While their record is not impressive, their capability was visible to everyone. They won against DFM and didn’t look bad vs. Cloud9, winning the early game. The team’s drafts are pretty good too, with no big flaws.

It’s going to be up to the players to step up and fight for qualification. They have everything they need to impress and the potential is there. We think that it’s going to be a close call between Cloud9 and Gillette Infinity, with a high possibility of a tie-breaker occurring. If that ends up happening, Gilette Infinity will have the golden opportunity.

The MSI Odds are not favoring them either against C9. This is actually an opportunity for a singles bet, especially if you notice C9 having a bad day from the get go.

DetonationFocusMe needs to improve

While DFM has the same record as the other two teams, and the Japanese representative seems to be a tier below the competition. Their victory against C9 was more about the enemy blundering and making huge mistakes, rather than DFM’s merit.

Still, they held their ground pretty well against GI and lost out in teamfights. They will have to improve on that, as well as their draft. It seems like DFM is still sticking to the old meta, and that is penalizing them. It is very hard to adapt over the week since the meta has shifted quite heavily. For this reason, we predict that DFM will end up last in the group.
Nonetheless, this will be a perfect opportunity to analyze their flaws: they’re the ones with nothing to lose and everything to gain.


DetonationFocusMe Roster

Keep in mind, DFM did manage to shake Damwon in their opener also and nearly managed to take them down, before blundering the game. If you are looking into a specific MSI Betting Tips for this roster, you should look at match duration always being about 30+ minutes or above, as they always fight it out to the last man standing.

Full Predictions

To wrap things up, this is how we think the group will end:

  1. DK (6-0) – wins all 3 games
  2. C9 (3-3) – only loses to DK
  3. GI (2-4) – wins against DFM, loses to the rest
  4. DFM (1-5) – loses all 3 games

Everything can happen at MSI 2021, as proven by Pentanet.gg who took our MSI Power Rankings for a spin, making it to the next stage ahead of other favorites. The same might happen today as Group C unfolds.