Chaos EC changes hands as music and esports meet once again

Chaos Esports was founded in 2015 and currently competes in CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege. In a push to expand and evolve the organization, GG Group bought into the club (as well as Do Not Peek Entertainment). Billy Levy and Zack Zeldin are the names behind the GG Group. If this doesn’t mean anything to you, don’t worry. They are the guys who brought us Virgin Gaming and Nerd Alert.

As the new change of ownership hands was announced, some interesting names were listed as co-owners of GG Group and Chaos EC. Rappers Logic, Pusha-T and several others are all part of the deal, and officially co-owners of Chaos EC now.

This marks a new milestone in the marriage between the music and esports industries as these rappers join the likes of Drake, Jennifer Lopez, Steve Aoki, Imagine Dragons, Nicky Romero and others.

New rivalries for Chaos EC

While esports rivalries in and of themselves aren’t too much of a novelty now, this deal opens up a new and somewhat unexpected platform – rapper rivalries. It’s no secret Drake for example is also involved in esports. He’s an investor of 100Thieves, and it’s equally well-known that he has an on-going feud with Pusha T.

Whether or not this conflict will carry over remains to be seen – it certainly makes for interesting possibilities though. Pusha T certainly showed himself to be entirely professional when talking about his business ventures, both in esports and outside of it.

Their rivalry is largely based on traded shots between them, with different accusations and jabs (not so) hidden in their respective music. Drake remarked that Pusha T made his career off his accusations against Drake, while Pusha himself has shared evidence of his claims against Drake – but none of that is what the Chaos EC deal is about.

It doesn’t take much for fans to go on extensive tangents to find a “diss” where there isn’t one however. Pusha makes a simple tweet hyping up Chaos EC’s victory over 100T, and fans took no time in finding a Drake diss in it.

However, Pusha T and his partners have made it clear what it IS about – making a difference, and accomplishing their goals when it comes to social injustices, discrimination, and more. Esports itself has also faced plenty of issues regarding racism, sexism, and other types of toxicity, so it’s a surprisingly suitable platform for their efforts!

The feuds can just be an added banter to make it all happen.

Esports for change

The aim of the newly formed group is to create gaming-related content in various forms of media, and at various levels. In laymen’s terms, they want to live stream events, film short features, create lyrics, promote music and esports and all of it centered around gaming.

The new team addressed an open letter to current (and future) fans, and explained that Chaos EC would be operating under a new slogan – Organize Chaos. This is already reflected on their website. They want to do more than ‘just’ have their affiliated teams compete – they want to take an active role in the industry.

That isn’t exactly a surprise. Esports is a billion-dollar industry, and several other musicians have similarly involved themselves in the gaming world, with various degrees of success. The goal is inclusion and diversity in the gaming industry, says Pusha T.

“As we’ve been developing the new infrastructure leading up to a relaunch, I just felt there was no better time to harp on our namesake then when there’s actual Chaos erupting outside. Any business I’m a part of has to be proactive in using its resources and platform to support the fight against social injustice.” – Thornton said to Complex in an interview.

The partnership also marks a new step for Logic in the industry. The rapper officially announced his retirement from the rap game with the release of his last album “No Pressure” last month. He has since fully committed to streaming and enjoying video games.

The two rappers combined have a following in the millions across all platforms. They can be the true agents of change Chaos EC seeks to make the positive impact on society they seek.

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