Resurgence, Ranked, and 1v1 Gulag Coming to MW2 and WZ2.0

On the 15th of February, the delayed Season Two update for Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0 will drop. It seems as though Infinity Ward and Activision have been listening to fans around the world, as several things are happening in this update that’ll change the face of both platforms. Within the space of a single patch, players will receive Ranked Play in Modern Warfare II, an all-new Resurgence map, and a 1v1 Gulag in Warzone 2.0.

That’s among the many other things that will be dropping, of course. From brand new, remastered maps to fresh weapons, bundles, and a new Operator, there will be plenty to digest when the Season Two update is released on the 15th of February. We’ll see a range of bug fixes, tweaks, nerfs, and buffs applied to what already exists, and there are expectations that this may be a turning point for the ecosystem.

Can Season Two Save Call of Duty?

season two

Season Two will bring Ranked Play to MWII.

Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0 have both been experiencing dwindling numbers in recent weeks. Since both games launched, very little has been done to keep players engaged, and from the esports side of things to Call of Duty content creation, things are looking bleak. There’s less viewership, less investment, and fewer people populating the platforms overall. With the Season Two update coming, many changes are being introduced that may bring some players back into the fold.

On the esports side, the Call of Duty League has been experiencing growth, but that was through Major I when things were fresh. Now that Major II’s qualifying stage has kicked off, fans seem to still be engaged, but how long will that last? There are some monumental changes taking place within that ecosystem, such as the recent retirement of OpTic’s Scump, that may signal – once again – something of a dying out of sorts.

Regardless, Activision and Infinity Ward seem intent on patching things up in the Season Two update.

There’s A Whole Lot Coming

Activision confirmed that a brand-new Resurgence experience is coming to Warzone 2.0 – a small map that allows for a respawn-based mode to play out. While the map isn’t yet known, this is a huge win for Warzone 2.0 fans that are bored with the wide, open environments of Al Mazrah. Furthermore, the 2v2 Gulag format that has troubled some players will also disappear, being replaced with the traditional 1v1 format.

For Modern Warfare II players that prefer a challenge, Ranked Play will be dropping on the 15th of February. This Season Two item will align the multiplayer platform closely with the Call of Duty League, offering the everyday player the ability to feel as though they’re an esports competitor. It goes above and beyond simply running multiplayer back over and over again, and it could encourage more players to get involved with the (somewhat) failing game.

We’ll have a better idea of what’s coming in the Season Two update when it’s inevitably revealed by Activision in the coming days.