NAVI vs Vitality – Blast Premier Spring Final Odds Breakdown

The stage is finally set for the Grand Final at BLAST Premier Spring Final. Both Natus Vincere and Vitality are coming to this match with high hopes of securing a title for themselves and a boost in the rankings.

When it comes to predicting this match, things are going to be straightforward, so let’s get straight into it.

BLAST Premier Spring Finals Navi Vitality

Natus Vincere vs Vitality – Match Breakdown

After losing their first match to OG, Natus Vincere bounced right back with three straight victories against BIG, FaZe Clan, and OG as they secured a grand final spot for themselves.

On the other hand, Vitality also started their BLAST Premier Spring Final tourney with a loss. After suffering a defeat to G2, Vitality claimed victories against paiN, ENCE and G2. It is important to mention that they did not look that good in these matches and they could have easily gone the other way around.

Map pool should not be that hard to predict. In this best of three series, Vitality will permaban Ancient while Natus Vincere will for sure remove Vertigo. There are two maps that the French roster will take into account, that being Inferno and Dust 2. Contrary to that, Natus Vincere will opt-in either for Nuke or Mirage for their first pick.

In our books, s1mple and his squad will have no problems winning their map pick, and it is likely going to be Mirage. Bear in mind that the last time Vitality picked Inferno against Natus Vincere, they got battered hard. Even if they go for Dust 2, we do not think that they will have much to offer against the refreshed Natus Vincere squad.

Best Markets for NAVI vs Vitality

Now that we have gone through the most important information regarding this match, it is time for us to provide the best CSGO bets.

By far the safest bet for this match is Natus Vincere to win outright. The CSGO odds are more than rewarding and you do not want to miss out on this one. For bettors that want to go for a riskier option,  you can opt-in for a correct score bet. The last two times these two teams faced off against each other, Natus Vincere did not drop a single map, and this says a lot. Placing a bet on Na’Vi to not drop a map in this one could bring you a lot of profit.

We should also talk about another bet that is not used that often, and it could prove to be very profitable for the finals. Out of the last eight pistol rounds between Vitality and Na’Vi, Vitality only won two. The best thing about this one is the fact that the odds on Natus Vincere to win pistol rounds are 1.75. We would be crazy if we do not drop a couple of dollars on this as it has a high chance of coming through for us.

Do not expect the cleanest of wins from NaVi, especially since they are playing a stand-in and electronic is learning the ropes as IGL. They may drop a fair bit of rounds so selecting a good max round option is also good. In the end, here’s the four markets you should consider: (courtesy of GG.BET)

  • Natus Vincere to win (x1.38)
  • Correct Score 2- 0 (x2.16)
  • Natus Vincere to win Pistol Rounds (x1.75)
  • Total Rounds Map 1/2 over 26.5 (x1.81)

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