Glimpse into new the rosters at BTS Pro Series Season 10 SEA/Americas

The BTS Pro Series Season 10 is set to become a grand stage for multiple DPC regional finalists’ roster debut. For context, T1, Team SMG, Thunder Predator, and Infamous are several select few that had roster changes after the DPC Regional Finals.

With many days left till the Dota Pro Circuit 2021-22 (DPC2021-22) Tour 2, the BTS Pro Series Season 10 is the earliest reveal we get from the powerhouses.

BTS PRO Series Season 10

Young blood and diverse tactics to keep up with rivals

The recent post-tournament roster shuffle painted an odd picture for what we can expect of the top teams. Notably, teams and players in Southeast Asia, Western Europe, and South America regionals are switching up their players. This occurs despite most of the mentioned teams performing phenomenally during the DPC Regional Finals, which begs the question of why.

Well, we absolutely have no clue on their reasons, but perhaps the recent roster trends can tell us a more insightful story. For starters, more powerhouses are picking up fresh new line-ups of nobodies. It happened with EHOME, Thunder Predator, and BOOM Esports to name a few, which delivered unexpectedly good results. Given that they also hire a veteran player to coach the unseasoned squad.

As such, we see these teams outperform their competition despite using repetitive drafts. Hence, it came down to the unique playstyles and execution that these players put on the table. The unfamiliar tricks up their sleeves were all it took to put most opponents at a strategical disadvantage in drafting.

The new generation of miracles

Couple that with the recent rise of young blood, who are scouted out in pubs for stomping its competition with sheer individual skills. Young players don’t get studied too in-depth by their opponents during their rounds, as they often draft against the team’s tactics instead. Thus, justifying the carry player swaps that BOOM, T1, and many others are announcing.

Even so, team SMG is the odd ones out, as they opted for a change in hard support player and likely captain. Team SMG’s core trio are plausibly among the most consistent in the region, so switching up their hard support for a seasoned player, such as Michael “ninjaboogie” Ross Jr came as a no-brainer. Check out the waves of roster shuffle ahead of DPC2021-22 Tour 2 happening across regions.

T1’s testing grounds at BTS Pro Series Season 10 SEA

Unfortunately, BOOM, the DPC SEA Regional Finals winner, did not participate in BTS Pro Series Season 10 SEA. This means T1 is indisputably the strongest candidate around, with Team SMG plausibly giving them a run for their money.

Even with a DPC SEA Regional Finals participant in their path, T1 likely will have no trouble overwhelming SMG on paper. After all, their new ace, Kim “Gabbi” Villafuerte Santos will certainly have an immediate impact on how T1 plays and wins their matches. Gabbi is relatively young in the pro scene but has the respectable experience to justify T1’s recruitment.

Perhaps in T1’s perspective, Gabbi’s self-sufficient and independent carry playstyle gives T1 more breathing room for their mid-player to shine. T1’s previous carry player was easily countered by opponents, who know how to cripple T1’s late-game potential.

Speaking of T1’s former player, the Thai wunderkind, Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon currently plays for Motivate.Trust Gaming. However, even with immensely talented players, MTG’s overall performance is unlikely to improve. 23savage’s greedy playstyle makes him an unfit carry player in a team that can’t cater for his babysitting needs.

South American giants at BTS Pro Series Season 10 Americas

Meanwhile, Thunder Awaken and Infamous are easily the favorites in BTS Pro Series Season 10 Americas. What’s interesting is that both high achievers decided to swap offlaners, Oscar David “Oscar” Chavez Jimenez and Rafael “Sacred” Yonatan respectively.

While we don’t know if this swap was agreed upon, what’s for certain is that we got two SA powerhouses strategically raising the bar for each other. Taking a trip back to memory lane, the International 10 (TI10) was a disaster for the SA region. They had three representatives, which got eliminated at the bottom spots.

Hence, as isolated as the region is, player swaps among local powerhouses could be a progressive step in the right direction. Well, the BTS Pro Series Season 10 Americas will give us a brief view on what they can deliver, but frankly, the real deal’s when the regional teams gather at the Internationals or Majors.

Dota 2 Betting at BTS Pro Series Season 10

A selection of promising teams is always great for Dota 2 betting. Over at BTS Pro Series Season 10 SEA, notable matches from Feb 24-26 and predictions are:

  • T1 (WIN) vs Team SMG
  • Neon Esports vs Motivate.Trust Gaming (WIN)
  • T1 (WIN) vs Neon Esports
  • Team SMG (WIN) vs Motivate.Trust Gaming

Whereas enticing matches in BTS Pro Series Season 10 Americas include:

  • 4 Zoomers vs Infamous (WIN)
  • Hokori vs Thunder Awaken (WIN)
  • Infamous (WIN) vs Wildcard Gaming
  • Thunder Awaken vs Infamous (WIN)

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