New Valorant Map Teased by Riot

It wasn’t a mystery that a new VALORANT map was on the way and Riot released a couple of visuals to tease its release. Even though it is hard to understand what is on the way looking at the teased visuals, a new and brief tease will be out on January 5, 2023.

A lot is changing in the new season

The new year means a new season for VALORANT and Riot has decided to make some big changes in 2023. Firstly, the company decided to nerf Chamber before the end of 2022. It was also known that a new map was on its way in 2023 as well as Split making its return to the map pool, which was excluded last year. Bind and Breeze will be out of the map rotation while the new map and Split are going to replace them. However, we still don’t know what the new map looks like. Riot Games has been teasing some visuals on social media which are potentially hints that are related to the new map.


@ Riot Games

Riot has shared three visuals so far and none of them really points out any aspect of the new map clearly. In the first one, we saw VALORANT agent Fade from behind, looking at a city at night under rain. In the second visual, Omen and Sage are in a lab and Omen is cutting the leaves of a plant. The last visual shows a city at night with people eating possibly street food outside. The first and the third one indicates that the new map might take place in a city at night.

VALORANT has been one of the most famous video games since its release back in 2020. Riot Games’ success in its previous titles made it one of the most awaited games and now it holds a huge community. The game only had three maps during beta, if we exclude the practice map, The Range. Now, VALORANT has nine maps even though some of them will not be available for players. With the additions of two, Bind and Breeze will be removed so the players will have seven maps again. Haven, Ascent, Icebox, Fracture, and Pearl will continue to be in the pool for both the professional scene and regular ranked.

What will the new map bring?

The new map will surely affect the game style of many players. Some VALORANT agents are useful in certain maps and players will figure out the best comp possible for the new map, as well as the best VALORANT weapons to be used in it. It will be clear once everyone has knowledge about bomb sites on the new map and eventually find out the best agents to be played on it. Split is an old map that everyone has an idea about so there are certainly known comps.

These changes are most important for the VALORANT esports scene as tactics and comps are definitely very important on the professional scene. Coaches will have to start working on different strategies to help their teams win the chess battle and have an advantage beforehand. According to the information, another visual will be posted on January 5 and it is expected that the new map will be fully revealed on January 10.