Will The New WoW Dragonflight UI Make Addons Obsolete?

Something that everyone who has played a couple of MMORPGs next to World of Warcraft will definitely agree with is just how much more addon-utilization WoW uses compared to other games.

Addons have been a staple of the game since its release in 2004, and as new expansions, some addons were necessary to overcome certain encounters (we are looking at you, mythic Archimond).

But is that all about to change?


Image Credits | Blizzard

Dragonflight HUD and UI revamp

There are a lot of exciting things coming with Dragonflight, and one of them is the revamp of the HUD and UI that has been around since the release of the game. Players have been modifying the WoW interface for years, and often when you find a streamer playing WoW, you can barely recognise the game from how different their UI is compared to the original one.

After almost 20 years, Blizzard figured out that players enjoy customisation, and thus they are implementing a brand new, modern look to their most popular game. The new interface takes pretty much features from some of the most popular addons like Bartender, Bagnon, Grid, ElvUI and other addons that help players have a more comfortable WoW mythic raiding experience.

Will this make the game better?

In short: absolutely. Blizzard has been doing a great job at making many addons obsolete. In the past, the most popular addons were the ones that revolved around the auction house, and while many still use them in the World of Warcraft Classic version of the game, the modern auction house revamp requires no addons for a great experience (with the exception of TSM if you are really into making a profit).

With Mythic+ changes that were also announced, Dragonflight looks like another breaking point in WoW’s development, which was last seen with the release of Legion, and before that, Cataclysm. While we are still about a month away from the release of Dragonflight and its first raiding tier, and with that, the revival of betting on WoW, it certainly feels nice to be excited for something, even if many do indeed have doubts about Blizzard as a company.