Massive Mythic+ Changes Coming in WoW Dragonflight

There are a few ways to gear your character in World of Warcraft, and while raiding has been the best in the first few expansions, once Mythic+ was released, many have decided to use that as their main way of pumping up their characters. Mythic+ has been around for quite a while, and now with Dragonflight, like many other systems, it is getting some changes.

Seasonal dungeon rotation

The biggest change to Mythic+, one that will critically impact how you prepare for end-game WoW Mythic raiding, is the fact that the available Mythic+ dungeons are going to be rotating each season. Blizzard is doing this because, unlike new raids, which require the players to learn new mechanics and fights, Mythic+ used to be something that everyone was already familiar with; hence it was a more comfortable way of getting gear.

MDI WoW 2022

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With these changes, gearing up in Mythic+ is still going to feel similar, but because the pool of dungeons available for Mythic+ is going to rotate each season, players will have to adapt to those new dungeons. Of course, the pool of dungeons is going to involve some older ones, so if you have done Mythic+ since their release, you will probably not have to adapt too much.

Blizzard wants to reward dedicated Mythic+ players

When it comes to WoW esports in 2022, the most exciting events were the ones revolving around MDI. While watching top-tier players clear out +25 mythics is amazing, players did not really have the motivation to push such high key levels, as the rewards would ultimately be less worth it after +15 has been cleared.

With the new Dragonflight expansion, Blizzard is going to increase both the difficulty and the rewards for Mythic+ for keys that go up to +20. The difficulty will be increased in a way where enemies gain 10% additional health and damage per key level instead of 8%, which will make +20 keys enemies 20% stronger than before. On top of higher keys giving better Mythic+ item rewards, the Valor Upgrade Tiers are also going to be increased.

Affixes will rotate more often

Knowing that there is a fixed number of affixes in the pool can turn out to be very annoying, especially if some higher keys have disgusting affixes that make the dungeon almost impossible to clear, even without a timer. In Dragonflight, Blizzard is planning to reduce the affix rotation period from 12 weeks down to 10 weeks, so if there are some affixes you really hate, that will be two fewer weeks to struggle with them.

So far, Blizzard has announced that they would love to make Mythic+ more exciting, and they are willing to experiment with all kinds of features. While this is exciting as it can really improve the game, let’s hope that if the experiments are not working out that Blizzard actually listens to the community for once and doesn’t drag on the bad gameplay experience they created.

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