WoW Esports 2022 Update – AWC, MDI and Classic Arena Tournaments

WoW has managed to carve an interesting esports community out of a game, and continuing to do so in it’s 15th anniversary. As one of the older MMOs, the scene isn’t the most competitive, but has a loyal fandom following each event with immense passion.

WoW esports in 2022 is going to be continuing with its current offerings and expanding them even fruther. There are a number of big changes and expansions just unveiled in the WoW Esports 2022 update. This includes offering over $1.8 million in prize pools across the year and extended support for the games.

It’s exactly what we wanted from WoW esports in 2022, or at least go part of the way there. Here’s what Blizzard is planning for WoW in 2022 and what’s due to change.

WoW Esports 2022

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WoW Esports 2022 – Arena World Championship

The Arena World Championship is one of the oldest aspects of WoW esports. It is a PvP competition. The AWC is going to be running in 2022 just like in previous years. Sign-ups are already open in Europe and North America.

The AWC is going to be launching this year on March 18th. Teams are going to be competing in North America and Europe. There will be four separate Open Cups across the year. $10,000 weekly will be on offer in prize pools for each region. These cups decide who will join the AWC circuit. This is a round-robin competition with a prize pool going up to $320,000. The circuit is going to find the top four teams from each region to get their spots in the Grand Finals.

Classic Arena Tournament

The WoW Esports 2022 update includes bringing back Burning Crusade Classic for Season 3. It’s another event that runs in Europe and North America.

Teams are in a 3v3 format here. There is a prize pool of $100,000 in total on offer here. This is going to be one of the first events for the year. Sign-ups close February 19th, with the first offline bracket starting on February 12th.

WoW Esports 2022 – Mythic Dungeon International

Mythic Dungeon is a dungeon game that also offers competitive play in WoW esports. 2022 is going to see Season 3 for the MDI take place. Season 3 will have the group format return to the game. Teams can begin to register for the season’s time trails from March 30th. The top 24 in the time trials move forward to the actual season Groups. There is a $30,000 weekly prize pool for the event.

The top teams compete to get into the Global Finals. The top team from China and the winner of Season 3’s Last Stand Tournament will be competed here too. The Global Champions has a prize pool of $300,000 that players will get a part of.

The Great Push will also be returning in MDI Season 3. This time it is going to be a multi-weekend long event as a mini-season. There will be a full $210,000 prize pool here for the full mini-season after the main finals are concluded.

No Battleground or Race to World First support yet

The three main forms of WoW esports in 2022 are exciting, but we still hope one day Blizzard opts out to support the guild raiding race (Race to World First) and competitive battlegrounds in either classic or retail. There is a huge variety in fans of WoW, and plenty are not catered to just yet.

While we praise the continued support for WoW Esports coming into the new year, I do hope Blizzard recognizes there is huge untapped potential for this title going forward.