What we want to see from WoW Esports in 2022 – AWC, MDI, RTWF, BGs

While WoW has never been the pinnacle of esports, but it certainly fills the void for a lot of players who enjoy the game and want some kind of competitive event related to it. In 2021, we had quite a bit of esports related to WoW such as the Arena World Championship, Mythic Dungeon International, and a lot of unofficial events created by streamers.

Let’s not forget the Race to World First races too, which arent really supported by Blizzard at all. So, what should we expect in 2022?

WoW Esports

The release of 9.2

One of the biggest things that are going to impact the competitive scene in 2022 is, of course, the release of the 9.2 patch which is going to bring a plethora of new content. While this is quite exciting, there is also a downside. It is already December, and there is still no official date for the release of the patch, and with speculation, players are thinking it is going to come out all the way in March.

Content draught is one of the worst things that can happen to WoW, and Blizzard seems to be unable to learn that from their past mistakes. With the competitive season finishing last week with The Great Push, competitive players will definitely be able to take a break, but the rest of the game will suffer. Considering that Blizzard is also not in the best spot in the eyes of the community is another issue.

What can we expect from AWC and MDI in 2022?

Well, when it comes to the formats of the latest expansion, we do not expect anything to change really beside the balance changes and new strategies that could surface with the 9.2 patch. However, when it comes to TBC and Classic, there is a lot of potential.

Earlier this year, the season of mastery kicked off for Classic, and while the changes to the game are not that huge, it is only the beginning and just the tip of the iceberg of what Blizzard can do with the game. Since Classic lacks arena as a competitive format (at least for now), we can only hope that there are at least some Battlegrounds Tournaments.

The Burning Crusade on the other hand is almost going to enter phase 3, and while there were some tournaments earlier this year in June and July, we are sure that no one would mind additional events throughout the year, perhaps one during phase 3 and then one during phase 4. After that, maybe we get WOTLK Classic, but since there is no info for that, we can only wait and see.

Blizzard should support the Race to World First!

Besides the shoutout, Blizzard is not really caring too much about the raiders working extremely hard to gain the first kill in the world for the newest raid in the game. Of course, the organizations who are competing with each other are doing their best to show how their progress stands, some official support would certainly be fun, especially if there are some kind of stream drops for each boss kill.

Blizzard only supports the race by posting a tweet whenever it happens, but no official support or attempt to coordinate with the organizations has been made. Currently, it’s all down to Limit, Method and Echo to put together a show for the fans.

Wake up Blizzard.

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