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Newzoo has a new partner in the OCE region

Popular market intelligence provider Newzoo has just announced a new partnership – with the Esports High Performance Centre that is part of the Guinevere Capital esports portfolio. The partnership aims to specifically give deeper insights into the Australian esports market. At the same time, it also aims to help the teams that are working under the guidance of the EHPC.

That means giving them access to all sorts of analytical data that Newzoo already has – a win-win partnership for both. The teams in question include the Dire Wolves, Sydney Drop Bars and N8 Esports. The Sydney-based centre is an open-plan startup-type environment that offers guests and employees a lot in both amenities and high-quality gaming equipment.

Run by Dave Harris, it’s one of several projects of Guinevere. The investment firm Guinevere Capital focuses on high-growth elements of the sports and esports industries, and support them via direct investing, corporate and strategic consulting and more.

Leading the market through data

Newzoo is one of if not the best-known providers of analytics and data in the market, with a special focus on technology, entertainment and media companies. That includes esports of course – with how explosively the esports industry has grown, there was plenty for them to analyse and report on. This is even more true now – with most sports industries all but paused, it’s up to esports to keep people entertained.

Newzoo does its part by providing statistics on things like audience statistics, competitor data, and brands, but it also provides advice on financial and strategic decisions, along with providing intel on new opportunities for their partners.

An exciting partnership

Both EHPC-governed organisations and Newzoo have spoken favourably of the new partnership – for example, Ben Stewart, the head coach of the Dire Wolves:

“We are happy to be working with Newzoo for multiple reasons: They are a globally recognized and trusted brand when it comes to analytics into gaming and esports and will help us understand our audience better so we can continue to grow our brand and engage our community.”

The head of esports at Newzoo, Remer Rietkerk spoke similarly about the partnership:

“Guinevere Capital is an important investor in the esports space. Dave Harris, its Managing Director, has been a staple of the Oceania esports scene, and with their investment in Excel, Guinevere Capital has become an important player in multiple regions. Having data from multiple parts of the world helps deepen our understanding of the ecosystem and contributes to our accuracy globally. We’re very excited about what’s to come.”

If that doesn’t sound promising, we don’t know what will – the combination of these two organisations will no doubt make waves in the Australian esports scene. The teams working with the EHPC are already doing well, with the Drop Bears cleaning up the Overwatch Contenders, and the Dire Wolves battling their way through the Oceanic Pro League in Dota – no doubt support from Newzoo will only help them reach new heights.

The Oceanic esports organization now join an extended list of Newzoo partner organizations like: Team Liquid, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Natus Vincere, Fnatic, Alliance, G2 and much more.

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