Brand New Nike Air Zoom Mercurial Bundle in Rocket League

On Wednesday, July 20th Rocket League made an announcement featuring a trailer revealing the Nike Air Zoom Mercurial Bundle now available in Rocket League. The trailer included a yellow Nike boot satisfyingly transforming into an Octane, with the release slogan “Fast is in the Air”. How fast these decals genuinely make you feel in-game will be a question for the Rocket League community to answer.

What is in the bundle?

The latest piece of Rocket League news, the Nike Air Zoom Mercurial Bundle costs 1100 Credits and is available in the item shop for a week from July 20th to July 26th. The Bundle includes:

Nike Air Zoom Mercurial – Pink Decal

Nike Air Zoom Mercurial – Green Decal

Nike Air Zoom Mercurial – Yellow Decal

Nike Air Zoom Mercurial Wheels

Nike Air Zoom Mercurial Decals

Also available for free is the Air Zoom Mercurial player anner, but while the new wheels have a unique design, it is as always the clean new decals that are creating the most buzz among the player base.

How popular are the decals?

How much this will affect Rocket League trading is yet to be seen but to have a true substantial influence on most used cars in Rocket League and thus the designs upon them, the decals will need to be popular amongst the professional players and content creators.

The decals appear to have got off to a mixed start, with ElOmarNation loving the appearance of the set, but upon equipping them went on a significant losing streak in ranked matchmaking. Not the best advert to say the least, but on the brighter side, FaZe Clan player Ayyjayy was vocal about how the decals feel comfortable in-game and highlighted the Green Decal in particular. I guess to find out how well they truly play in a real match we’ll have to wait and see, but thankfully Psyonix have got that one covered for us:

Nike Air Zoom Mercurial tournament

To make sure the new bundle gets quick and large reception amongst the player base, Rocket League also announced the Nike Air Zoom Mercurial Invitational, a mixed professional and content creator tournament to help advertise the new bundle.

Teams will feature a current RLCS professional teamed up with two content creators going head to head against other such teams in a 3v3, single elimination bracket. The event will begin at 10 a.m. PDT on the 22nd of July and be streamed on Musty’s Twitch channel where he will be joined by Retals and Roll Dizz. While various personalities have announced their participation on Twitter, full exact rosters for the four featured teams are not yet known.

As a bonus, there will also be a head-to-head freestyle event at half-time during the event, seeing Faith and FrontalPanda facing off while suited up in the new bundle and decals.

A new map teased?

One detail not officially announced by Rocket League or Psyonix, but seemingly featuring in the trailer for the bundle was seemingly a new Rocket League map. The rumoured new map had a very football stadium feel to it, fittingly for the bundle featuring the design of a football boot, but a simple and clean map design that has players excited.

RL New Map Teased

First to comment publicly on this was Azfura, with many others being thrilled at the concept of a new grass-turfed map to play on, seeing as this has been a rarity in recent years. As others rightly commented though, this could simply have been for the trailer only, and not be something we eventually see in-game.