Ninja Quit Streaming After Fortnite Opponent Uses a Rift to Go

This week Ninja has shocked the streaming world after walking off his stream seemingly Twitch as a whole. The streamer had a rough moment. He raged at rift to go in Fortnite, then walked off his stream and deleted his information from various platforms. Following this, Ninja quit streaming and deleted his presence from across social media. This was just days after teasing big things.

This is what’s happened, and if it actually looks like Ninja quitting streaming or if it’s just a break.

Ninja Quit Streaming over a Rift to Go

Ninja initially made his name in Fortnite. In Chapter 2, the player did move away from the game. However, he’s been back in Chapter 3. That doesn’t mean he’s been fully happy with how the game is balanced. A recent rift to go incident, in particular, seems to have pushed him over the edge.

Only a couple of hours into his Twitch stream, well before when he normally shuts down for the day, Ninja quit streaming and walked off. It started towards the end of a game of Zero Builds. Ninja was approaching a player in a van who rifted once he got close enough. He initially decided that even using the rift must be ‘trolling him’. He got the kill though. The game seemed to be going normally after this. Ninja had some frustration at an enemy fleeing, but things didn’t look too tense.

Ninja and Twitch drama

© Ninja

The player then healed up and took out another duo, before noticing another rift. After rifting himself. Ninja, attempting to push a player who had just busted out a Kamehameha, but something happened. Once again, the player rifted.

Ninja then sat in silence for a few seconds before saying. “I can’t do it anymore dude, I can’t… I’m sick of these players, spamming rift to gos… I’ve had enough man.”

Before “I’m leaving, I’m done”. Then he walked out of frame saying he was taking a break from streaming before he “lost his mind”. He said he didn’t know when he’d be live next to his chat, then left.

An overreaction to a rift to go. Although, a lot of fans think it might have more to do with burnout than just anger at the rifts. Just after Ninja quit streaming, he wiped his online presence.

Where Has Ninja Gone?

The big mystery about Ninja is that this doesn’t look like a typical break from streaming. The player has removed his picture and other personalization from both his Twitch and Twitter. He’s replaced his username with User Not Found. His Twitch channel has also been unverified, so he is no longer a partner with Twitch.

This came just days after Ninja teased more developments soon.

What does this mean then? Some have speculated the ‘Where’ in what Ninja is planning is big.

Where Will Ninja Play Next?

Ninja’s two-year deal with Twitch following the demise of Mixer might be ending soon. Some fans have speculated that this is the real reason behind Ninja quitting streaming. While he’s taking a break, he might be shopping for a new platform. This could be a platform of his own, YouTube, or any other streaming platform with big enough pockets to bring him in.

Outside of the mystery of what Ninja has planned next, we don’t know much about what happened with Ninja. It does seem that quitting the stream was unplanned, at least at that mid-way point. Ninja did apologize to his teammate before leaving. However, it does seem that some sort of break, while he decides which platform to go with, might have been planned. Even if the rift to go moment was spontaneous. We’ll have to watch out to see where Ninja pops up next.