NYSL WarzoneMania 3 kicks off today with $50,000 in prize funds

If you are looking for some Call of Duty action that will keep you occupied before the PRoAM classic weekend, then the NYSL WarzoneMania 3 is the one you should watch. The first iteration of the tournament was in 2020 with a huge $100,000 prize pool, followed by another event in 2021, so it has become somewhat of a staple tournament.

The WarzoneMania is hosted by the Call of Duty League’s New York Subliners. This time around, the prize pool is $50,000. From participating players, you will be able to see some of the biggest names in the Warzone community and competitive scene, which is what makes this event exciting, especially considering that the tournament uses unique formats across both days of the tournament.

WarzoneMania 3

When is the action happening?

The tournament will start on Monday, May 2nd, and it will end on Tuesday, May 3rd. At the moment, it is not known when exactly the tournament is going to start, but considering that there are 18 teams participating in total, you can expect a lot of action, and you can expect it to last for quite a while on both days.

While the official broadcast is yet to be announced, you can expect the event to be streamed from the New York Subliners’ Twitch channel.

What is the format?

Just like the WarzoneMania in 2021, the event will take place across two days, and each day will have a prize pool of $25,000. With 18 squads competing in the tournament, they will be split into two groups (each having nine squads).

Day 1 will have these squads competing in custom lobbies where they will try to get as many kills as possible while also playing high in order to accumulate as many tournament points as possible. The top four from each group will advance to the Finals, where they will be able to earn some cash rewards from the prize pool. On Day 2, there are no tournament points; instead, the winner of each private match is going to receive $5,000.

Who is participating?

While we have already hinted that the tournament will feature some of the biggest names, NYSL finally came out with a tweet showcasing all squads. Here’s them listed in a Tweet video below:

As we can see, some hotshot squads have been formed. Guessing the winner is a near impossibility at this stage. Tune in Today at 3:00pm EST on twitch.tv/subliners