NYSL win at CDL Pro-AM Classic, sets up the perfect CDL Major narrative

While most of us are waiting for the qualifiers for CDL Major 3 hosted by Toronto Ultra to begin on May 13th , last week, we had the opportunity to enjoy some fascinating Call of Duty gameplay at CDL Pro-AM Classic.

NYSL showed some insane skills, and should be considered a serious contender coming into the next Major qualifiers.


An unexpected victory

Considering that Atlanta Faze dominated Major 2 until they got to the finals, where they lost to LA Guerrillas, everyone expected them to win CDL Pro-AM Classic. However, once Texas Optic (winners of CDL Major 1 2022) prevailed against Atlanta Faze in the first match with a score of 3:2, everyone was quite surprised.

However, no matter how big of a surprise this was, no one ever expected New York Subliners to step up so much that they demolished all of their opponents with scores 3:0, 3:1, and 3:1. The reason why no one expected them to come out victorious is that they went 0:3 in CDL Major 1 vs. LA Thieves, and in CDL Major 2, they lost both of their games too. The first game was against Atlanta Faze, where they lost 0:3 again, and their second defeat was once again VS LA Thieves 2:3.

NY Subliners finally get their revenge

Considering their previous results, it was quite a surprise that NY Subliners won their first game against Paris Legion with one of the cleanest 3:0. After that, they managed to go 3:1 against Toronto Ultra in the semifinals, only to meet their nemesis, LA Thieves, in the finals.

Looking at how that LA Thieves prevailed against NY Subliners in the previous Majors, we all kind of expected the Subliners to choke and lose to their 2022 rivals once again. LA Thieves actually kind of proved the expectations by smashing NY Subliners on the first map, which should have been more than enough to demoralize NY Subliners from making a comeback.

However, CDL this year seems to be the perfect place for comeback stories, and NY Subliners continued the streak of comebacks by winning map two with a 6:3 score on Tuscan. In map three, LA Thieves once again had the upper hand, but Hydra from NY Subliners invoked the gaming god in himself and managed to drive them to victory.

The final map is definitely one of the most exciting Hardpoint maps this year, where Hydra and Crimsix displayed some fascinating Call of Duty gameplay, winning the map for NY Subliners with the score of 250-237, making the finals core 3:1.

Does this make NY Subliners contenders for CDL Major 3?

Well, winning the CDL Pro-AM Classic did not just win NY Subliners $100,000, but it also won them some new fans, and it reignited the faith in the team in the old ones. With that said, they are, without a doubt, someone to watch during the CDL Major 3.

Crimsix and Hydra are looking hot right now, and NYSL is likely going deep into the bracket major. Catch them live in their do or die match versus Atlanta FaZe in on Friday the 13th.

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