Omega, ECHO to keep dominating in Week 4 – MPL Ph Season 9

Week 3 of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL PH) saw the tournament shifting to an offline LAN setting. And as seen on the match results this past weekend, it may have been a winning factor, especially for those who are used to this kind of setup.

But still, one team remains the most dominant in the tournament. Yet another notched their first two wins, possibly giving a hint of a comeback as the competition moves forward. We look at the teams who made waves during the first week of LAN setting, and set our expectations for Week 4.

E2MAX Omega Esports

Omega Esports

ECHO still flawless going into Week 4

For the third week in a row, the ‘super team’ of ECHO Philippines is still one of our featured teams. Why?

Well, they are just dominating all of their matches. And this week 3, we saw them wrecking last week’s number 2 team RSG Philippines, demolishing them after a 2-0 finish. It was once again Karl “KarlTzy” Nepomuceno who led ECHO’s offensive prowess after his Aulus scored 4 kills and 7 assists with 0 deaths in game 1.

While it was Jankurt “KurtTzy” Matira who topped game 2 with his Pharsa’s performance, scoring six kills, two deaths, and 10 assists, as well as the MVP of the week honors. ECHO reigns supreme as still the current top 1 overall team this MPL PH Season 9 with a 5-0 match win-loss record, 10-1 games listed, and 14 total points.

Can Nexplay EVOS or ONIC topple ECHO in Week 4? Unlikely.

Smart Omega is back

Now with the LAN tournament setting being back, it may have been a factor in Omega’s performance this week 3 of MPL PH season 9. After losing their matches in the first two weeks of the competition, they now won both their matches this week, including a matchup against M3 finalist Onic Philippines.

Though it wasn’t an easy victory for the team. Omega lost one game on both of their match series this week, all forcing a deciding game three. This occurred in both their matches against Onic and Nexplay Evos.

They proved that they are still a force to be reckoned, especially in game 3 against Onic where Duane “Kelra” Pillas performed what could be the potential best play this season – a clutch Maniac (four-kill streak) with his Beatrux in a clash on their base to overturn the game and score their first win of the season. The game itself is truly one for the books.

Teams to still look out for in Week 4

TNC is back as the second-best team next to ECHO after they won their match against RSG Philippines. Though they lost match number 2 against Onic, they finished this week with a 3-2 match win-loss record, 8-4 game standing, and 11 points overall. RSG is down to third place after winning against Blacklist International – who scored their first win of the season after their victory against the still winless Bren Esports.

If we look at potential shots for esports betting, ECHO will likely go undefeated, while Bren will likely net another two defeats. TNC and NexPlay EVOS is our match of the week, and I expect TNC to come out as the victor. RSG and ONIC looks like a coin-toss at this point.

MPL PH season 9 will still continue its LAN setting moving forward. Yet this will still depend on the current COVID-19 situation in the Philippines which is most likely under control at the moment. Make sure to follow us for more MPL Ph Season 9 News and updates as it happens.