OMG fights for Playoffs in final three LPL 2022 Spring matches

The playoffs of the LPL are almost upon us. There are definitely interesting narratives right from the top of the league till the bottom, where most teams have continued to struggle. Our focus today us OMG and their final three matches of the season.  But first, let’s start right at the top, where Victory Five have put in a stellar run of form right through this season.


Six way split at the top

Victory Five have continued to push the limits this season. If you weren’t aware, V5 had merged with Swedish esports organization Ninjas in Pyjamas last year. NiP were so impressed with the chance of entering Worlds that this merger seemed like it was going to be a natural progression. V5 are now at the top of the LPL standings with a 13-2 record. They will end their regular season with a match on Wednesday against Anyone’s Legend, previously known as Rogue Warriors. Understandably, considering the depth of the roster they have built, V5 are expected to be far too strong for Anyone’s Legend, who are now 5-10 in the spring split, in that fixture.

Most teams have completed their regular season, including third-paced JD Gaming, Top Esports and Weibo Gaming. All of them have completed with a 11-5 record, but they are separated on the standings on account of better map win percentages.

LPL standings Week8-9

OMG fight for their lives against LNG & RNG

LNG have a 10-5 record but will face Oh My God, presently placed 11th on the points table, in their final match of the regular season on Thursday. There is plenty at stake in that fixture considering LNG will have a part to play in the postseason, obviously to varying levels of efficiency compared to others in the league.

Royal Never Give Up have, more or less, lived up to the expectations that they were set at the start of the season. RNG have a 11-4 record and are presently second on the points table. They started the split as pre-season favorites, and they have lived up to that billing. But they will be desperate to end the regular season on a high. They will face Oh My God on Friday in the final regular season match of the spring split.

On Betway, LNG and RNG have odds of x1.32 and x1.22 respectively. After watching the FPX series, there is a good chance OMG actually come out ahead in one of the two. There is everything to play for as the regular season draws to a close. There is seeding, there is qualification and there is form at stake in the final few games. Keep a close eye out as China’s premier League of Legends tournament heads to its business end.